Is the Borg Collective a socialist/communist society?

Posted by: PreferNotToBeLabeled

  • Yes

  • No

62% 5 votes
38% 3 votes
  • No, they're more of a hive-mind type thing. They don't really have any political structure, per se. They just follow the chain of command as bees would.

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discomfiting says2014-07-06T15:12:31.7799185-05:00
Do they have private ownership? Are all people considered equal and given equal? Is there a planned economy? How much government regulation or involvement is in the economy?
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-06T18:26:14.3971258-05:00
Everyone is completely equal (except the Queen Borg) and the collective owns everything. There is no economy whatsoever.
Criomorph says2014-07-07T11:36:00.2009214-05:00
Granted, the Federation is apparently Socialist.

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