Is the child worship parenting style a problem? (Description below)

Posted by: Unknown95

I'm studying to be a teacher and because of this I shadow/assist my aunt with her classes (she teaches 3rd grade.) We have had several parents come in and complain about their child's grade because we failed them a failing grade. Most of those who fail do nothing in class or don't turn in assignments but to those parents their child can do no wrong so it's our fault.

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  • So from my description I'm sure it's easy to tell I dislike child worship. I think you should support and love your child but part of loving that child is helping them correct and learn from their mistakes, not allowing them to do that is extremely bad for their well being. In the real world when things don't go their way they won't know what to do. This could cause issues such as not being able to hold a job which could lead to them being unemployed and even possibly homeless. Failure helps build a person.

  • The kind of parenting you describe really stunts the personal growth of a child. You need to make sure your child knows that they can make mistakes and that sometimes there are punishments for those mistakes, if you fail to do that you will end up with a giant baby that can't take care of themselves and most likely never will.

  • We don't need to go back to whipping the child with a leather belt for a failing grade, but to blame the teacher is absurd. The parent should blame himself/herself for not pushing the child more. At my school, there's even a teacher who's guilty of this. My teacher didn't reveal who (s)he was, but his/her child once seriously misbehaved in public and, for the first time in the child's life, scolded his/her child. He/she spent the next day worrying about whether he/she had psychological traumatised the child... It gets ridiculous.

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