Is the confederate flag positive or negative?

Posted by: triangle.128k

What do you see the confederate flag as?

  • Positive, it shows southern pride!

  • Negative, it's a flag of racism and slavery!

38% 14 votes
62% 23 votes
  • because everyone has something that offends them so why take away one thing that is the history of the us and is a symbol of southern pride

  • Just because you find a culture offensive, you shouldn't try and illegalize it. We must accept all cultures. Damn SJW language being used in reverse.

    Posted by: Tuuxx
  • if you think the flag is a symbol of racism, you are the problem.

    Posted by: ksiere
  • The Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism. The Confederates weren't fight for slavery, they were fighting for freedom to have their own rights. It's the flag of a nation that wanted to be its own nation.

  • it has been flown as american and southern pride for over a hundred years. anyone who says its racist is stupid and ignorant

  • | || || |_

  • While some thik it is a symbol of southern pride, to me it will always be the flag of a nation which not only stabbed us in the back but also did it so that they could own other human beings.

  • I personally don't understand why some confederates, -cough- southerners use it as a symbol of southern pride. It is a flag of a nation that rebelled against USA in a bad way. It was a nation based upon slavery to help the economy.

  • Hm its the battle flag of an army dedicated to maintaining a stares right to continue the institution if slavery which allowed humans to be kept as property amd abused and torn from their homes and families. Not really a difficult question. Its the exact same thing asking if the nazi context and appearance of the swastika is negative except unlike a swastika the confederate flag can never be positive in any context. I mean at least if you tilt it the right way the swastika has got Janism.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • this flag is purely racist and anti-american.

  • Your heritage IS hate

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Kozu says2015-04-11T15:14:40.5363882-05:00
Whats with all the confederate flag polls and debates?
Stefy says2015-04-11T16:15:42.3273202-05:00
I can say as someone who involuntarily lives in the south that every person ive met who supports this flag ends up racist
briantheliberal says2015-04-11T16:22:54.9904186-05:00
Stefy, I have also had that same exactly experience living in the South. That doesn't surprise me.
Welliss says2015-04-11T17:11:30.3551814-05:00
I don't see it as a symbol of southern pride or of racism. I see it as the symbol of a group of Americans who didn't like the laws or the way things were and decided to leave but were unable to.
discomfiting says2015-04-11T21:09:04.1016646-05:00
^ and didn't want the union to take their slaves away.... Lol racist..
Stefy says2015-04-11T21:51:21.5971811-05:00
Briantheliberal: My condolances. When im an adult im going to go back north and get put of here. Im deep south too. Georgia. We moved here from NJ a while back.
briantheliberal says2015-04-11T21:54:40.8154580-05:00
Same here, I plan on moving right back to New York or New Jersey very soon.
Stefy says2015-04-11T21:55:32.9395475-05:00
Massachusetts :D
briantheliberal says2015-04-11T22:01:31.4775908-05:00
Massachusetts is awesome, but I haven't been exposed to it much outside of the universities.
triangle.128k says2015-04-11T23:45:55.8143233-05:00
Southern states in general tend to have more far-right conservatives than northern states.
CommunistDog says2015-04-11T23:47:56.2849772-05:00
I do not like the confederate flag but not enough to destroy it for good, even though this is not what the poll is asking. I feel that this is a part of history, even if it is a fault in human history. But, history is full of mistakes. And from these mistakes, we evolve into better beings. We are more aware of what will come from our actions. This flag does not deserve honor or respect, but it does deserve to be noticed.
MechVarg says2015-04-12T11:23:34.1261603-05:00
Even Texas14 agreed XD.
MechVarg says2015-04-12T11:24:02.9700056-05:00
Even Texas14 said symbol of racism, I mean XD.
CommunistDog says2015-04-12T11:32:17.9538892-05:00
@Kozu The confederate flag is a very controversial topic which might bring people into asking what others think. From that, they can conclude what lots of people think about the flag. Since this community (debate.Org) consists of many sophisticated people, people might give valid reasoning and more debates. I find these controversial topics very interesting because of this.
Blue_Avocados says2016-05-24T02:39:20.0511555Z
Actually, the flag we most commonly associate with the Confederacy is actually their battle flag. They actually have a "national" flag, which they were going to use if they ever became a country. It looks a little different.
Texas14 says2016-05-24T02:48:29.5646780Z
Still offensive though right?

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