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50% 7 votes
  • I HATE maths with a passion, but GCSE maths is even worse. It's USELESS. Half of the things most people won't even use in later life unless your field requires it. It's just a complete waste of time when I could be doing something that I ACUTALLY WILL need in later life. Most people will not use trigonometry or need to find a stupid X. Teach us some basic algebra and the save trig and pythagoras for the advanced ones.

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • GCSE Maths have very little in them. Trigonometry wont help you in life, you are right. But series, percentages, probability trees might? GCSE Maths arent cumbersome. Majority of other countries have compulsory A-Level math and Farther Math, both of which consist statistics modules that many other countries dont bother to teach. Other scientific GCSE's shouldnt be compulsory such as physics, biology, chemistry. I did GCSE in Math, and got an A. I am 33 years old and it didnt contribute to anything. I think that the government is afraid to take that subject off, and may be encourage more students to take math a-level. I dont know? Dont invest time in GCSE maths if you dislike it.

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John_C_1812 says2017-08-24T12:54:39.6711178Z
The point may be missed in mathematics. When it comes to mathematics many of the things that are taught are a part of a self-testing system created in mathematics itself. We should question how that is separation is used and not the importance of the principles. The underlining issue is they do not want to teach you mathematics, and a principle was created to drive you away from a desire to want to understand the mathematics or for you to teach yourself the principles. Every-one uses trigonometry every day. Much of it is second nature and comes to you with very little effort at all. All of it is presented to you without learning such things as elementary algebra first. Saddle the point is not everyone can learn principle in the same way. This means when we trying to teaching everyone the same way, many might learn nothing or less. Really the question you should ask is why if life does not set up obstacles of understanding in this way does the educational institution? Many of the algebra principles should be learned in relationship to trigonometry. Not before it.

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