Is the definition of "sexism" in itself sexist?

Posted by: Mister_Man

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of sexism is: "unfair treatment of people because of their sex; especially : unfair treatment of women." - You see that "especially unfair treatment of women" in there? Would that be considered sexist? It's sexist ESPECIALLY if it's against a woman? Whattaya think? -

  • Yes

  • No

39% 7 votes
61% 11 votes
  • While sexism has historically effected women on a vastly greater scale than men, sexist against either sex is equally wrong. Neither sex should recieve presidence over the other. Both should be protected from any form of discrimination (sadly women are mistreated much more often than men).

  • because it can happen to men just as much as wemon so the especially wemon crack is boguss

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reece says2015-10-30T07:05:29.9763583Z
Is it sexist males are generally more stronger than females? Is it sexist adolescent females generally do better at math and science in class? No, there just facts. If you don't like it, too bad.
reece says2015-10-30T07:06:02.1909778Z
Berend says2015-10-30T07:18:24.1126281Z
Why is the issue "women have been treated worse than man" even brought up? Sexism is about man on women about sex, it's about both genders and goes both ways. The question is "is the word sexist" nothing more.
Berend says2015-10-30T07:19:03.0031788Z
Sexism isn't about man on women about sex/gender, it's about both genders and goes both ways.
emporer1 says2015-10-30T15:55:46.1091637Z
Understand the following. While women have been treated worse throughout history, this does not make sexism against men now any less important than sexism again women. Both are equal, that is what it means to not be a sexist correct?
briantheliberal says2015-10-30T20:37:15.7184972Z
This is just like that ridiculous "reverse racism" nonsense. Considering women have been universally and systemically treated as less and inferior to men since the beginning of civilization and modern human history - no the definition is not sexist. The only reason concepts like "sexism" exist is because men were the creators and perpetrators of sexist institutions that virtually divided men and women, and categorized women as second class.
briantheliberal says2015-10-30T20:38:24.7636546Z
That being said, the definition does not imply that women cannot discriminate or be sexist against men. They can, but it has little to no effect in our patriarchal society.
Chimera says2015-10-30T23:26:13.3354506Z
This poll hurts my head, I think I need to go lie down.
triangle.128k says2015-10-30T23:28:03.5203695Z
@briantheliberal Yeah, those dang conservatives who are always racist and sexist. Only affirmative action supporting liberals are anti-racist and anti-sexist.
Mister_Man says2015-10-31T00:23:40.7042134Z
Looks like everyone who voted "no" didn't read the definition. When sexism is simply the unfair treatment of someone based on their sex, it can't be "especially" sexist against one gender, as that in itself would be sexist. If I don't give someone a job because they're a man, and I don't give someone a job because they're a woman, I'm not "especially" or more sexist toward the woman... And Brian, I don't think I've ever heard more of a Liberal statement in my life. Just because women have been treated worse than men (however not by much) in the past doesn't mean you can be "more" sexist against women by doing the same sexist act as you would against a man.
emporer1 says2015-10-31T00:40:51.8888032Z
Briantheliberal are you attempting to state that it is impossible to be racist against white people and impossible to be sexist against men. That is completely false. Look at groups like the Black Panthers. Many people are racist against whites and sexist against men. More people are racist against black people and others and more people are sexist against women than men but this doesn't give one more importance than the other. Each are equally important and deserve equal rights and respect. It should not say "unfair treatment of people because of theirs sex: especially against women" It should avoid being sexist and say "Unfair treatment of people because of their sex". That would be a proper definition of sexism.
Mister_Man says2015-10-31T03:24:55.4821977Z
"That being said, the definition does not imply that women cannot discriminate or be sexist against men. They can, but it has little to no effect in our patriarchal society." - Right, so let's look at a hypothetical. Woman doesn't allow man to have a job because he's a man. Man doesn't allow woman to have a job because she's a woman. Both are equally discriminated against because of their race, but according to Brian and others, the woman is affected worse than the man.
reece says2015-10-31T10:22:37.3291501Z
What are you guys trying to accomplish? This is pathetic.
reece says2015-10-31T10:44:50.1719812Z
Are you guys trying to hide the fact that men have been more sexist? It's like the Japanese trying to ignore the atrocities they committed during world war 2. Or American redneck states downplaying their history of slavery. You guys have no position pretending to play victim. This is what fox news does.
briantheliberal says2015-11-01T23:02:40.9658275Z
Triangle, is that supposed to be a joke? Because it's not funny and has no relevance to my comment.
briantheliberal says2015-11-01T23:03:42.5230329Z
Emporer1, "are you attempting to state that it is impossible to be racist against white people and impossible to be sexist against men." - I need you to work on your reading skills, they are clearly lacking by A LOT. Thank you.
briantheliberal says2015-11-01T23:10:37.4803729Z
Mister_Man, hmm let's see. Men make up the majority of leadership positions, including management and hiring positions. Men also make up to 90% of all of those hired in many global professions. Most CEO's in major and minor companies are men. Most middle management positions belong to MEN. What does this mean? Men have most of the power and are often in positions that allow them to discriminate against women MORE SO than women do in contrast to men. This "I am a victim of sexism because the dictionary specifies that women experience sexism more" is ridiculous, pathetic nonsense. Men DO and CAN experience sexism. I never said we couldn't. But the odds are inevitable in OUR favor when it comes to who has the most sex/gender based power in society. What part of this did you not get from my previous comment? Or did you immediately jump to the defensive because you always want to pretend to be an oppressed victim?
emporer1 says2015-11-01T23:46:23.1827025Z
Briantheliberal I apoligize, I hadn't read your second comment at the time of my comment. I was quick to note your refering to reverse racism as "ridiculous". I find it ridiculous that it's called "reverse" racism, as if to imply it's only racist if it comes from someone white. It is racism regardless. It doesn't matter if it's a white person being racist against a black person or vice versa, It is disgusting racism either way. It isn't "nonsense". While sexism against men has had little historic impact (especially compared to sexism against women) It still exists (as you noted) and as such, there should be no "especially against women" in the definition. It should read "unfair treatment of people because of their sex". If someone mistreated a woman because she was a woman and then someone else mistreated a man in the same way because he was a man, these descriminations should be equally condemned. Anyone who shows preference to one sex over the other, discriminates against the sex they do not give preference, thus making them sexist. This makes the definition sexist as it gives preference to women over men rather than showing equality.
emporer1 says2015-11-01T23:56:11.2828119Z
Briantheliberal I do not claim that we are victimized often at all. I just claim that men and women are equal and sexism against either is, as such, equally wrong. It should be reflected in the definition that both are equal. Historic discrimination was largely against women (as is most sexism today). This means that women are mistreated more often but doesn't mean that mistreating women based on their sex is worse than mistreating men based on their sex (as the definition implies). I understand your points regarding how women are more often mistreated and how men shouldn't play victim, but they argument isn't about that, it is about whether the definition (which clearly states "especially against women") is discriminating based on sex. Since it gives preference to women it is descriminations against men and is thus sexist. This argument is purely about words in a definition and not about which gets more discrimination. So pretend for a moment that you have no idea about the history of sexism and about weather men or women are more often mistreated, If you didn't know any of that would you still say that this definition isn't sexist despite the "especially against women"?
triangle.128k says2015-11-02T00:04:45.5623017Z
This ^^
briantheliberal says2015-11-02T04:44:06.7004328Z
Let's be clear, I never said sexism against any particular gender was "more wrong" than the other. It is important for people to actually read and understand what is being said instead of drawing their own conclusions about what they THINK I am saying. We both agree that sexism IN PRACTICE is perpetuated mostly by MEN. Males in virtually even society possess more social and economic power than women, and because of this it allows for men who believe or do sexist things to or about women to have a much more drastic effect on society as a whole. The definition itself reflects that, because that is the reality we live in. The definition does not say men cannot be victims of sexism, it specifies that most sexism is directed towards women, which is the truth. Just like the modern conception of race and racism itself was both created and is still perpetuated mostly by white people. That is why the term "sexism" exists in the first place. Women have been universally treated as second class citizens, as property of men. And because of this, the definition of the term "sexism" makes note that by saying "especially unfair treatment of women". In reality, that is how the term is applied, because that is how society works.
briantheliberal says2015-11-02T04:47:36.8778855Z
Now, I understand why some people do not agree with this but it doesn't change reality. Men can be victims of sexism, but in general our lives are not negatively impacted by negative treatment because of our sex. The definition does not imply that we cannot.
Mister_Man says2015-11-03T03:05:23.8188717Z
@Brian - It's true that men pursue leadership careers more than women. And it's true that they are in the position to discriminate more, as they have more choices between people to make. However to say "it's sexist ESPECIALLY when it's against a woman" IS SEXIST. To say "it's worse when the same thing happens to one gender over the other" is the definition of sexism. I agree that men have a lot of power because they hold a lot of higher positions, and just because the odds are in our favour doesn't mean it's more sexist to to be sexist against women than men. And no, I'm not trying to be a victim as I absolutely hate it when people find ways to be victims of bullsh*t in order to get special treatment.
Mister_Man says2015-11-03T03:08:45.0627417Z
Just because women, at one time, weren't treated as well as men, doesn't mean it's "especially" sexist against them when they're discriminated against. It's sexist when someone is discriminated against strictly because of their gender, man or woman, it's not worse when it happens to one gender over the other.
briantheliberal says2015-11-03T21:31:46.5702753Z
Mister_Man, Men "pursue" more leadership roles in society than women BECAUSE women are generally taught in our male dominated society that they are incapable of being effective leaders. And because of this, when they do pursue leadership roles, they are marginalized because of it. Ever heard of the "glass ceiling" effect? It refers to a systemic issue in which women are often and effectively prevented from attaining a certain higher status, in education, employment etc... That is easily accessible to men with the same or LESS skills and experience. It limits women from moving as high up the ladder as possible. This does not exist for men, even in institutions mostly comprised of women, as men, specifically white men, who run every major societal institution putting the odds in THEIR favor. Now that that has been established, the definition of sexism is not sexist because it points out this obvious fact of reality. You calling the definition of sexism "sexist" is just crybaby bullsh-t from you as usual. " I'm not trying to be a victim as I absolutely hate it when people find ways to be victims of bullsh*t in order to get special treatment." - You literally described yourself in this statement. You purposely and intentionally used the definition of sexism to pretend to be a victim of sexism so people can pity you and ignore the reality of women being mistreated more often for your convenience.
briantheliberal says2015-11-03T21:32:18.4416882Z
"Just because women, at one time, weren't treated as well as men" - What do you mean "at one time" ? Women are STILL NOT treated as well as men in society. Women still do not receive the same opportunities as men in most career professions. They do not receive the same pay for the same jobs. They are often denied control over their own reproductive health. They are still overwhelming the victims of abuse in the majority of (heterosexual) relationships. The problem with people of your demographic is that you think the struggles of everyone who is not like YOU are simply a thing of the PAST, when these issues STILL exist. Then you pretend to be victimized when people speak out against these issues that you would rather pretend affects you more when they do not. And in addition to that, I never said sexism was worse when it happens to one gender over another. If you actually read when I said that three times now, it would have already stuck by now.
Mister_Man says2015-11-04T05:15:43.4248686Z
@Brian - I love how people like you make ridiculously insane claims that are impossible prove and expect everyone to just give in and bow down because you can "stand up against big bad whitey." You're making outrageously hilarious claims about "glass ceilings" and whatnot with absolutely no evidence to back yourself up. You know why? Because there's no evidence to support your ridiculous claims. You're too caught up crying about minorities being victims when that isn't even close to reality. "Waa I misinterpret white people to be mean, give me free sh*t." You just can't accept the FACT that men and women CHOOSE different career paths? You just have to force people to do what YOU want them to do because it suits your super-duper-extra-mega-one-billion-percent-politically-correct agenda. And if you're this dense that you're unable to understand my point of view then I can't believe you're a member of a site with the intelligent userbase that this one has. You're looking too deep into how you can turn this around into making me out to be a demon instead of using your head and reading the question I asked. If you can't understand how something that is "especially sexist if it happens to one gender over the other" is in itself sexist, then I don't know why you're on this site. Women are treated better than men in today's society. Men pay for their stuff, they receive less jail time for the same crimes, there are infinitely more women's shelters than men's, violence against women is blown out of proportion while violence against men is laughed at... The list goes on. Your unverifiable claims are irrelevant and wrong. You take me for someone who only cares about himself because you can't see anything other than your own ideas. Try doing some research. Try looking at actual facts. It's a great thing to have an idea, it really is, but going around asserting that it's fact without ANYTHING to back it up with just makes you look silly. All you've done is make baseless claims and cry about how you think I'm trying to be a victim by asking a question. The difference between you and me is you go way out of your way to find stuff to complain and whine about.
Mister_Man says2015-11-04T05:18:16.4482113Z
Too many people misinterpret an under representation of one gender/ethnicity in a certain field to mean that gender/ethnicity is oppressed. If anything, you're the one oppressing them by attempting to take away their freedom of choice and force them into fields they don't want to be in because "HURRR EQUALITY FOR ALL, CIS SCUM CRACKER HONKEYS"
Mister_Man says2015-11-04T06:00:39.7027191Z
Hey Brian let's have an actual debate about this :D I'll say men and women are pretty much treated equally in today's society and you say women are treated worse than men, or are oppressed or whatever. Whattaya say?
briantheliberal says2015-11-04T07:06:36.1554630Z
Mister_Man, yeah you're right, I'm just making this stuff up silly me. It's not like there are entire studies to prove this, or data to support what I am saying. It's all just made up, right? Wrong - Here is one source - - And here is another - - Men and women generally may CHOOSE different career paths, but it is still considerably more difficult for women to rise up the ranks in the majority of professions, especially those dominated by men, even if those men have LESS leadership skills and experience than their female counterparts. Now again please enlighten me as to what, besides your incredibly ignorant and pathetic rant about how everyone isn't a victim but you, have you contributed to this conversation? Right, nothing because that's literally ALL YOU HAVE, and why this sad excuse for a poll even exists. "Oh man I'm a white guy I am so oppressed because the dictionary says something I don't like" "Everyone is pretending to be a victim to get free stuff!" "Everyone hates me because I'm a white guy" - I mean really? This is just childish ignorance. The definition of sexism in itself doesn't even say that something is "especially sexist" if it's against women, it says the term is used to describe unfair treatment based on sex, especially unfair treatment of women - because based on REALITY most sexism is against WOMEN. But it doesn't really surprise me that you fail to grasp even the simplest of distinctions or implications because you have already proven yourself to be an asinine child who can't help but whine about anything that isn't about you. That being said, calling me wrong because my argument doesn't align with your fragile, hyper-masculine, "I am so oppressed for being a white male" worldview, doesn't make me wrong. I provided facts, and sources containing data (above) to back it up. I would suggest you do the same instead of responding to me like a 5 year old who got his favorite toy confiscated. Thank you. By the way, infowars and that gamergate nonsense you tried to pass off as evidence in previous conversations are NOT valid sources. I'll also leave this here for you to educate yourself, which knowing you, education isn't really something you pursue so it, along with everything else I provided will be ignored or you'll simply make up every excuse to deny the evidence presented -
briantheliberal says2015-11-04T07:11:08.7169158Z
And no, I am not interested in having a debate with you on anything because, quite frankly, it would be a waste of my time and energy which I heavily devote to my studies and work related activities. I have also made it clear that I don't bother using the debate section of this site anymore in case you were previously unaware. That is why I haven't debated in over 2 years.
briantheliberal says2015-11-04T07:35:57.2749737Z
Oh and Mister_Man, funny story. While exploring the 'Opinion' section of this site, I came across a (not so surprising) discovery. Not only do you support Donald Trump (as if that isn't bad enough) you also express support for many of the things your fellow racists Trump supporters had to say about Mexican people including 'liking' a post that says - "This america is reserved for us the great whites and if you mexicans can read than you will understand you dont fit in." - thereby proving exactly what I have already suspected from you. You're a white nationalist (white supremacist) and everything you say (including your obviously racist rhetoric and white supremacist propaganda) is a reflection of that. So don't act like a victim when point out your racist bullsh-t because that already proves it and you already know what you are. You tried so hard to hide it but your kind is always exposed eventually.
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T07:16:50.6039012Z
Brian - Thanks, I figured I was right. Have you not done any research on the opposing side's arguments at all? Breifly touching on your sources... The guy's link from Forbes (the really important one showing how "have not yet reached parity in terms of leadership positions or pay") doesn't even work. This guy has written an article based on surveys. Are you saying you'll just take everyone's word at face value? Or just when it benefits your argument? The other source he presents (apparently proving that women earn much less than men for the same work) costs $400 to read, so no thanks. But let's assume everything this guy says is factually correct. Non-profit organizations usually don't pay a flat rate to employees or even executives - they're usually paid based on money earned at charity events, advertisment quality, traffic flow, and other factors. So if women are "on average" paid (earn) less than men, it can be for any of those reasons. I'm not COMPLETELY ruling out the POSSIBILITY of straight up discrimination, however NOTHING points to it other than an IDEA. And are we seriously using non-profit organizations to find this fact out? THIS area of work? How about stock brokers? How about bankers? How about CEO's or CFO's of bigger corporations? We have to talk about NON-PROFIT organizations? ...Alright. The rest of what he's going on about can be attributed to women not wanting to deal with stressful 20 hour work days, a hell of a lot more responsibility and duties, possibly taking care of a child instead of taking care of 200 employees... The list goes on. And regarding your other source, we'll need some actual reliable sources to show that women and minorities who are EQUALLY QUALIFIED to work somewhere are not picked to work in those fields. So far we have "white men make up the majority of upper management positions... Skip all the boring middle steps to determine why, amirite... So obviously women and "colored" people are being held back. This is almost as funny as a discussion I had with someone else regarding ethnicity and college education, I'll sum it up for you in my next comment. All right, what next... Oh you're whining about more bullsh*t you've forced yourself to believe, the usual... Oh let me explain what a "question" is to you, as you seem to not understand. I made a poll, asking a QUESTION, meaning I (at the time) didn't have an answer, and was genuinely curious what other people thought, and I figured I might be able to get a good conversation going. That was my intention. To stir up a discussion. But then irrationally dense people like yourself come onto a site with a rather intelligent userbase, and screw it all up with making it seem like I'm trying to be a victim or something, ionstead of adding intelligent information to the conversation. You started off with a rather well put together comment, however you instantly trailed off into other things when I challegned it. When someone says "especially," they don't mean "equally." When someone adds in "especially," it means it's more important, stronger, more powerful, etc. Which is why I asked the QUESTION if the definition of sexism is in itself sexist. I have no clue how, out of that, you come to the conclusion that I think I'm an oppressed victim. Try looking past your bias. You're making ridiculous claims and assertions about me regarding things I never even said or intended. And, again ignoring your mindless babbling of how I "deny evidence," you present a survey where women say why they believe they aren't in higher up positions. Fantastic. Well I won't bother responding to that, and instead will give you sources of my own, which I'm sure you're capable of pulling your bias blinders away from your eyes for two seconds to read? Oh and keep in mind, women tend to go on maternity leave a hell of a lot more than men go on paternity leave, so there's some logical reasoning for you that I'm sure will go right over your head. This guy basically elaborates on that - - I'm not "denying evidence." When I see evidence of something, I accept it. An IDEA is not "evidence." There's a reason you, like myself, don't believe in God - no evidence. So why is it when a much more realistic topic is being debated, even though there's still no evidence to support your claim, you go ahead and believe it anyway. Is it because you have a burning desire to help those in need, so you'll create monsters to save the others? You can't just accept that men and women are different, think differently, act differently, make different decisions, etc? On top of that, if women truly were paid less than men for the same work, why wouldn't employers just hire women? They'd be paying less of their own money for the same result, right? This is when you gotta use the same part of your brain that you use to discredit the existence of God, to do the same here. Women do earn less on average, accross all fields of work. But when it comes down to hourly pay for the same job with the same experience with the same qualifications, men and women are paid the same - - Take note that the pay gap (as a whole) can easily be reduced to around 5%, without taking into consideration of overtime or other types of benefits based on employment history.
reece says2015-11-05T07:19:28.8447581Z
Come on, this is just getting ridiculous. I thought only religious zealots submitted comments that long in the polls.
reece says2015-11-05T07:22:41.3787239Z
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T07:23:37.3817237Z
And I'm not surprised that you'd prefer to slap ad hominems and mindless overly aggressive insults on people in the comments section, while continuing to draw out an unnecessarily long argument elsewhere instead of getting it over with in a debate. Well, here's my fun story about a guy who failed logic - reminds you of that guy in the mirror huh ;) Anyway, this guy was basically saying only 20% of all college graduates were black, whereas about 70% were white, showing there is a racial bias in the education system. The funny thing is, blacks make up only around 12% of the population, whereas whites make up around 72% - with this information alone, that shows that more blacks are graduating, per capita, over whites. And I know you're gonna turn this around to me trying to be a victim or some mindless bullsh*t, but I really couldn't care less. My point is that whites make up the majority of the population. It makes sense if they're the majority of THINGS. However when they're disproportionately the majority of things that other people want, others start complaining, which leads us to discussions like the many you and I have had, which hopefully gets something done. And to add on to all this, that comment I "liked" or whatever... To be honest, I actually don't remember liking it at all, and it could have been a glitch, as this website's opinions category doesn't work very well on my home computer for some reason. Either way, if I did like that comment on purpose, I was probably liking it simply because he's a Trump supporter and I wanted to agitate some people/get under their skin. To be clear, I'm not racist - I have good friends of every ethnic background - and if I were actually racist, I'd have said a few racist things to you by now. I wouldn't "hide my racism" by openly "being racist" on the same website. I don't even know why I just explained myself, I really couldn't care less about you, but I figured I'd be nice and say I'm not racist :) Anyway, go Trump.
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T07:25:06.9118454Z
I agree, Reece, that's why I wanna have an actual debate with this guy so we can get it over with. Complain to him, not me. He's the one not willing to have an actual debate on a subject he's so passionate about.
reece says2015-11-05T07:27:06.0934270Z
Did you read my second comment?
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T07:29:33.2316838Z
Yes. Brian, you're wrong. Wow that felt amazing :D
reece says2015-11-05T07:30:38.5016654Z
Obviously you don't understand it.
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T07:33:23.6422068Z
No, I get it. I enjoy having lengthy arguments, so if Brian wants to do so here, I don't mind. I know I can summarize some more and leave out a lot of what I said, but I don't really feel the need to.
reece says2015-11-05T07:36:05.9903661Z
@Mister_Man What definition of "especially" is more likely being used: "used to single out one person or thing over all others." or "a great extent; very much" Is there some other definition?
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T07:39:17.5415382Z
Ah well I'd say the 2nd option then. I didn't bother looking up the definition as nine times out of ten I use it, and I see others using it, to single out one thing or group of things over others. When you put it like that, then it all makes more sense.
reece says2015-11-05T07:42:24.3347408Z
I should use the merriam webster too: More than usually, or for a particular purpose or person?
reece says2015-11-05T07:46:29.2843706Z
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T07:55:20.6339240Z
Yeah, that makes sense that it would be more than usually instead of anything else. Guess I shouldn't be assuming things about statements without looking up all the definitions first, lol. At the same time I still find it weird that they have to mention the unfair treatment of women. Sexism is the discrimination of someone based on their gender; bringing up women in a definition is kind of unnecessary. Either way now that I'm looking at the options, you're right, when making the definition I'm sure they weren't implying that women are particularly victims of sexism worse than men or whatever.
reece says2015-11-05T08:16:04.2409926Z
@Mister_Man Sexism is based on sex, as in biological male or female. It's not based on gender, as in cultural preference. '... ; especially : ...' Is included in a lot of definitions to explain further, even if it's unnecessary. I'm sure you already knew that. I think you've been intellectually dishonest. What's your agenda?
reece says2015-11-05T08:16:56.1886596Z
Why was the definition of sexism so important to you?
reece says2015-11-05T08:18:42.7047768Z
@Mister_Man Sorry gender was correct too. My argument stands though.
briantheliberal says2015-11-05T21:06:05.4527394Z
Mister_Man, I do not have the time nor the patience to entertain your pathetic excuses and rambling about things that mostly aren't even relevant to this discussion. I couldn't even read passed the first five sentences because so far it your response TOO LONG, lacks relevancy and is an indication of your incompetence. Shorten what you have to say, then I will respond accordingly. Throwing a bunch of random statements in one large paragraph doesn't help you prove your point. Thanks.
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T23:14:20.8688524Z
Wow Reece, you've turned in to a real bore. I remember we used to laugh together in comments, now you're just mister serious ruin-all-the-fun guy. What happened? But to answer your question... I don't look up the definitions for things very often, so I can't recall the last time I saw "especially" used in one, which is why this got my attention, and I didn't bother to think about any other ways that word could be used, so I'll admit it was ignorance on my part. And I was looking up the definition of sexism for some other irrelevant thing and came across this, which is why I made the poll, to see what people had to think about it. If I had an agenda to push, I'd be pushing it, I wouldn't be asking a question and voicing my opinion. I don't think men are oppressed and I don't think women are oppressed.
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T23:17:42.9707389Z
And Brian, I didn't think someone of your intelligence level would be able to understand a paragraph longer than four sentences. If it hurts your brain that much to read an opposing opinion made by someone like me, then at least check out my sources so you can see the other side of the coin. I know, it's hard to focus on words that aren't "hurr look how oppressed minorities and women are," but at least try. Please, it would be beneficial for the both of us if you took a look at my sources so you could form some kind of semi-intelligent argument against them.
reece says2015-11-05T23:20:59.0655050Z
@Mister_Man I'm a bore?? Haha, yeah. You should scroll up and think twice.
reece says2015-11-05T23:24:40.6464846Z
@Mister_Man But i'm glad you admitted it was ignorance. There's no shame in that.
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T23:25:57.5470498Z
Considering you used to laugh and have fun, yeah you've turned into a bore. I haven't seen you enjoy anything on this site recently. I guess I'm just used to you being fun, so when you change your attitude it's strange. I don't mean to be offensive. And if Brian wasn't here, I'd be a lot more cheerful LOL
Mister_Man says2015-11-05T23:26:34.1201572Z
I'm happy to admit when I messed up :)

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