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Debating_Horse says2018-09-15T00:42:55.0212569Z
namdorf says2018-09-15T04:20:43.2870613Z
So very yes.
Mister_Man says2018-09-17T21:32:14.7323542Z
I think the very fact that different ethnicities exist kind of proves that evolution is real. . . Not sure why this is even a question anymore. This isn't the 11th century.
debateme155 says2018-09-21T16:05:25.0950491Z
I am a deist therefore, I believe that a higher being created us however I don't totally think the whole evolution idea is incorrect in the ancient times humans looked different we slowly keep evolving into a better species, More intelligent, Taller, And faster
hc.pi says2018-09-22T17:09:24.1152940Z
Every one has a right to there own opinion DarrellTheCat that is just plain unnecessary.
hc.pi says2018-09-22T17:11:38.3541591Z
There is strong evidence pointing towards yeah
adam7777 says2018-10-15T21:40:55.5465556Z
No all of you are not knowing dea wae but to get real then why still monkeys GOTTEM

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