Is the F-35 a waste of money?

Posted by: gabep

  • Yes, we should stick with the F-16

  • No, we need a 5th generation fighter

50% 8 votes
50% 8 votes
  • More explosions

    Posted by: XLAV
  • The F-35 isn't the only 5th generation fighter jet we have. The F-22 is also 5th generation and has more reliable and proven capabilities, and will probably be the next generation fighter the military goes for anyway. The F-35 vertical take off capabilities are interesting and are still worth looking into for future advancement. Also people now worship the F-16 while completely ignoring all its early development problems, and was even quoted by one test pilot to be, "Not worth the metal it was made from". If anything, the criticism that the F-35 gets is very similar to the one the F-16 once got. Nothing changes it seems.

  • it can hover and carry more weapons

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greatkitteh says2015-07-24T08:36:19.8067746-05:00
The f--35 is Ridicously Expensive.
Skyscraper says2015-12-15T03:14:50.5330171Z
This is a tough one , I would buy 5th if war with larger countries are imminent. For now what you have kill Isis is doing a great job. Try to save some money and pay off some dept lol
F-16_Falcon says2016-03-04T16:48:07.5786842Z
I may be an F-16, but one of my best friends is an F-35. Also, I am a land based fighter, while an F-35 can land on carriers. Also, I might be able to carry a bigger payload, but the F-35 is stealth AND has vtol capabilities. I honestly wish I could pick both.

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