Is the internet a necessity in today's modern world? If not, why so?

Posted by: brogan9

Hello, I would appreciate any input for this pole, is it for a project.

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It is crucial for communication, education, entertainment etc
17 votes


We could easily live out lives without access to the internet.
2 votes
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BackCommander says2016-09-26T02:24:26.0730153Z
@Heterodox you specifically agreed that it is a requirement in your comment, yet you voted no anyways. Confused?
Heterodox says2016-09-28T21:28:16.4454220Z
@BackCommander, The confusion is in the question and it's lack of clarity. What do you call the "modern world"? The date? That the internet is a commonly used technology? If it's the date, then obviously the internet isn't required. If it's the latter, then by definition it is necessary. I prefer to use the former and that's why my voted was a "No"

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