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The media hides Hillary Clinton's mistakes!



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The media is normal!

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Boettner says2016-12-26T01:52:34.3795848Z
They still are even after she lost
brinzahar says2017-01-11T12:48:23.4225461Z
They are because she won the popular vote, and this isn't the first time this has happened. She won but because of the electoral college she lost. The electoral college is extremely flawed, those living in North Dakota gets 4 times the voting power as those living in California, while the electoral college points are more in Cali.
evelina1997 says2017-07-21T09:10:02.6025222Z
I would't say that is isn't bias but not in the bias way that in is answered. I believe that for Hillary Clinton is not the bias of the media. For example, there is a media bias <a href="https://www.Essaysupply.Com/">college essay writing services</a>

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