Is the movie "Noah" biblically incorrect?

Posted by: Cat_Lover

I really think it is incorrect due to the rock golems. (Dont answer is you haven't seen it)

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TheOncomingStorm says2014-04-01T10:43:03.2552898-05:00
SweetTea says2014-04-01T11:27:51.9621390-05:00
Have ANY of the Biblical movies been 100% correct?
TheOncomingStorm says2014-04-01T16:03:04.0324610-05:00
No, but it's to my understanding that the movie entirely misconstrues biblical theology and the character of Noah, and even the story of Noah. When the producer says he made the most unbiblical bible movie ever, you know he was trying, and he's probably telling the truth.
SweetTea says2014-04-02T04:32:27.2608633-05:00
TheOncomingStorm ... I just saw the movie. This is what leaped out at me as wrong: a) Costumes were more Medieval than Biblical; b) There were not daughter in-laws on the ark for all of Noah's sons; c) Shem's wife had twin daughters; d) Noah struggled with whether he & his family deserved to survive; e) Tubal-Cain stows away on the ark & creates some problems before he is killed. Now, that said, I'm a Christian. The movie "Noah" was written to appeal to every faith who has the story of Noah in their Bible, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Eastern Orthodox, etc. So, if you are wanting the "Noah" story that you grew-up with, you might be disappointed. But, if you are looking at Biblical facts, we'd have to comprise what each faith says to know for sure. It would be selfish to think the story should evolve only as Christians know it, when Noah transcends religions. The Book of Enoch, which much of the storyline comes from, is part of the Apocrypha. Keep in mind, the Christian Bible was first written in Greek. It is also in Jewish teachings. The vast majority of Christian churches do not use Bibles with the Apocrypha. That doesn't make the book wrong or less sacred. The Christian Bible tells us that Shem's wife bore sons. It doesn't say "ONLY" sons. Therefore, he might have had daughters too. The Watchers are described as giants of the earth, in the Book of Enoch. They are also described as fallen-angels. And Watchers are mentioned in the Christian Bible as fallen-angels (exact descriptions are not given). Then, we have to consider what the other religions teach. As I said before, the movie wasn't written for one group or faith. It was written to appeal to every faith that believes in the story of Noah.
TheOncomingStorm says2014-04-02T07:47:04.4757023-05:00
I just have one point of disagreement that I feel should be made known. You don't have to include other religions in a movie just because they include some other parts of that religion. That would make some stories impossible, like if they made Passion of the Christ based off of Islam, Christian and Mormon teachings about Jesus. If I have to explain why that would be problematic, send me a PM.
SweetTea says2014-04-02T08:08:23.9942165-05:00
TheOncomingStorm ... So, even though more than 2 religion believes in the story of Noah, you feel it isn't necessary to embrace their teaching of it? OMG! That's somewhere between really selfish & bigotry! Christ himself taught against the teachings that were the norm, of his time. Likewise, he embraced those who were downtrodden ... Outcasts, etc. As a Christian, I cannot find it in my heart to be that selfish and/or narrow-minded.
TheOncomingStorm says2014-04-02T08:39:21.9364838-05:00
That's no bigotry or selfish. Keep in mind this originated on Biblically correct, not about other religions, but it isn't bigoted to make a movie that conforms to my religion. It would be ridiculous actually to require on moral grounds that someone should always include everyone's beliefs in a certain movie or production. I don't understand how it would be bigoted to make a movie just about Noah from the Bible. It wouldn't slander other religions, it wouldn't hinder other religions from expressing their beliefs, and it wouldn't politically exclude anyone or oppress anyone. Calling a state of having and expressing one belief bigoted is logically fallacious.
SweetTea says2014-04-02T10:12:02.9359265-05:00
TheOncomingStorm ... It is extremely selfish to think that the story of Noah should be depicted as your church believes it happened. There is not one verse in the Christian Bible that states ANY specific church has it (faith) right. The movie sought to appeal to all, regardless of their faith, who believe in the story of Noah. There is nothing wrong with that. I'm not saying the movie is perfect, but at the least it attempts to be unbiased in its Biblical depiction. And, I might add, more than 1 religion refers to their holy book as a "Bible". So, even that term, transcends faith. Http://www.Merriam-webster.Com/dictionary/bible
TheOncomingStorm says2014-04-02T11:13:04.6953016-05:00
No, it really doesn't attempt to include other faiths. It was made to be an environmentalist movie that was extremely unbiblical. Don't you know that the atheist producer who made it decided to make it unbiblical on purpose?

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