Is the Northeast ruining southeastern culture?

Posted by: triangle.128k

Or you can refer to them as the "Bible belt"

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No, they're improving southern culture

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No, they make little impact on southern culture

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UtherPenguin says2015-09-01T00:16:26.3984449Z
Any time you bring up America and Christianity in the same sentence, I will bring up this video:
TBR says2015-09-01T00:19:03.1512641Z
Southeastern culture?
triangle.128k says2015-09-01T00:19:52.0823825Z
@TBR States like Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, both Carolinas, etc.
TBR says2015-09-01T00:20:39.8113425Z
I ask again. Culture?
triangle.128k says2015-09-01T00:22:52.7111501Z
Well some southerners seem to complain about the Northeast infringing on their culture, like with industrialization or urbanization.
PericIes says2015-09-01T01:11:03.5236711Z
Haroush says2015-09-01T01:26:22.9623649Z
Cities need to keep building further up, not expanding into counties and country.
UtherPenguin says2015-09-01T01:27:08.4522565Z
@Perciles Jesus man
UtherPenguin says2015-09-01T01:27:18.6391218Z
*insert credits*
triangle.128k says2015-09-01T02:35:23.8061086Z
@Haroush The quality of life is almost always better in cities. There's access to better education, more job opportunity, people are more critically thinking, there's more to do and etc. The most developed countries almost always have a higher urban population as opposed to a rural population.
LowInfoVoter says2015-09-01T02:48:55.1517095Z
Northern culture?
Haroush says2015-09-06T13:26:52.8594010Z
@Huntress, Where is it that you are noticing changes in culture at?
triangle.128k says2015-09-06T16:15:36.4391446Z
@Haroush For one, they're increasing urbanization, industrialization, reducing racism, boosting the economy, etc. They're totally ruining the rural way of life!
Haroush says2015-09-06T19:01:02.4934810Z
@Triangle, I know you want to debate with me right now, but I don't feel like it at the moment. Just a FYI.

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