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It is good

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mason1 says2018-11-30T18:40:29.0492197Z
If u choose this. . . You killed a child(s)
billsands says2018-12-01T22:51:03.8677193Z
People should not be interfered with in such a personal matter
kafkafranz says2018-12-15T00:57:06.3059714Z
I vote for the NO child policy.
smokey0990 says2018-12-15T10:24:38.1831232Z
If you have a better solution to the problem of overpopulation I'd love to hear it. That said I can't agree that it was a good thing either. Much of that can be blamed on stupid people and their equally stupid ideals, But no matter how you look at it that policy caused a whole lot of bad shit.

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