Is the phrase "Ladies first" sexist?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Ladies first is a very sexist phrase because it encourages the sexist idea that females should be treated like royalty while men should worship that royalty and accept being treated like dirt! Also, ladies first just gives off the wrong and also sexist idea to people that women deserve special treatment, which is NOT true! Do you agree with me that the stupid, moronic, phrase "Ladies first" is sexist?

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YES, the phrase "Ladies first" is EXTREMELY sexist!

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By the way, this picture is sexist because it forces all men to be "gentlemen" which is sexist in a way and give women special treatment by allowing them to be first. The phrase "Ladies first" should be abolished and banned for eternity!


No, the phrase "Ladies first" isn't sexist.

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PetersSmith says2016-06-18T20:53:33.7641053Z
Your obsession with sexism just shows how much of a privileged Masculist you are.
enlightened7 says2016-06-18T20:58:42.7139144Z
@petersmith look who's talking
Foodiesoul says2016-06-18T21:05:11.0975153Z
@PetersSmith What do you even mean by privileged masculist? I just want both genders to be treated equally. I just want sexist stereotypes to be banned from the media. I want males to feel like they can go outside without worrying about anyone violating their rights, whether physically or mentally, and the same goes for women. I want people to realize that not all men are smelly and obsessed with sex and have tons of cash in their pockets and I want people to realize that not all women are weak. I want people to be less prejudiced and more open-minded to the fact that not all men can protect themselves against women. I may seem a little extreme when talking about sexism but that's only because I want to help put an end to the stupidity and wickedness that is sexism.
PetersSmith says2016-06-18T21:11:24.2098904Z
Enlightened7: That means nothing coming from a sexist fascist (Mussolini perceived women's primary role to be childbearers and nothing else). Foodiesoul: Your obsession is focusing on men's rights and you feel that "men" are the ones mainly being subject to sexism. That's masculism.
Vox_Veritas says2016-06-18T21:53:32.1137030Z
I think people these days tend to get overly offended by age-old phrases.
Vox_Veritas says2016-06-18T21:54:27.6351707Z
Everything's a microaggression now.
LatinSummers says2016-06-18T23:13:18.2077415Z
Is it really worth it and is it going to demote one sex to the point where they are considered inferior?
Foodiesoul says2016-06-18T23:53:31.9173581Z
@LatinSummers What do you mean by that? I'm not demoting women. I'm just saying that males and females should both be treated equally and not be excused from committing crimes just because they're a certain gender.
lannan13 says2016-06-19T02:13:21.2217297Z
Not really.
Russia_The_almighty says2016-06-19T03:18:01.9686662Z
" 'Ladies first' should be abolished and banned for eternity!" OK so you don't care about freedom of speech then. I happen to like my first amendment rights.
enlightened7 says2016-06-19T03:55:54.1753528Z
@petersmith well that's pretty false, I doubt you even know anything about Mussolini besides the propaganda taught in schools. And how come you think you can call me sexist when you seem to be a matriarch? I'm fairly sure that means you're sexist, does it not?
mayorient says2016-06-19T04:06:32.7736333Z
@Vox_Veritas it's because in the past people thought women were weaker than men. Undoubtedly women have more rights and people attach more importance to their rights. Some previous ideas should be changed.
Foodiesoul says2016-06-19T04:24:08.4812924Z
@Russia_The_almighty I didn't mean it like that. I respect freedom of speech but I think some words and phrases should just be discouraged in society because they imply certain sexist/racist/discriminatory meanings that are biased towards certain social groups. The term "Ladies first" pretty much fits in the sexist category because it singles out men but gives women special attention and allows them to claim first dibs on things. This just encourages the sexist idea that women deserve special treatment when in reality, that is not true at all. There's a simple way to determine who goes first and that's just to allow the oldest people to go first and the youngest people to go last. This is more fair than saying that women should go first and men should go last because the elderly are usually the more mature ones who are treated with respect from the younger ones. This isn't really ageist because the oldest pretty much guides the youngest and so, the oldest gets treated with respect from the youngest while the youngest gets treated with respect from the oldest. Two other ways to determine who goes first is to sort names by birthday and allow January birthdays to go first while December birthdays go last, and sort out names in alphabetical order and call on people in alphabetical order. These three ways I just mentioned are WAY more fair than using the sexist "Ladies first" rule.
face1995 says2016-06-19T06:48:32.6809510Z
PetersSmith was always such a flippin weirdo. She and 4 other flippin people confused my curiosity with being a troll, as if I was asking those question directly to their faces, not knowing that they can extremely easily ignore it and move on to the next one if they wish. I still had like 60 more questions to post but I stopped and flippin forgot all of those questions as well as I through that paper loaded with questions away to favor their stupid babyish preference. I should have reported their comments and the one poll that was against me asked by this stupid user. But I'm unable to do so with my laptop. I am way sure that PetersSmith, shaanzi716, Wildmanz, and some 2 other users ain't voting for Bernie Sanders. Actually, this question is a very great question. Just so you guys know, there is extreme sexism against men and women. In formal dress occasions, sexism is targeted at both opposite sexes in opposite extreme ways. I can see that if a woman always wears female dress shoes to work at office every single day, especially in 120 degree Fahrenheit weather, even in 20 degree Fahrenheit weather or lower, be fired for "dressing unprofessionally"! This is just insanely stupid, so flippin radical, and so flippin fascist at such an extreme level. If a man wears male dress sandals to work at office for one day, even if it's the new record high temperature of the planet for all human records, he would be fired for "dressing unprofessionally"! Even if he was wearing male dressy shorts in the same extreme high temperature to work in the office. Women are mistreated in the sense of being paid less, being expected to wear makeup, being expected to not do the things men do, being seen as "not feminine/girly" for cussing, burping, listening to Metallica, playing drums/video games/with cars. Many men see that they can't play with their daughters simply because they are girls. Many women see that they can't play with their sons simply because they are boys. Men are mistreated in the sense that they are considered lucky if raped by a woman, not "manly enough" if they get freaked out of a woman doing something to them such as kiss/hug/handshake/etc. Attempt, dance/date invitation, being asked to be love partners/proposed, etc. However, I don't doubt that most males are perverted. I am a male and as far as I see, I am not perverted. Even I get freaked out when I hear guys speaking inappropriately about women, when I hear songs offending women, when I hear guys mention women body parts, when I hear guys speaking anything about women's certain parts, when I see a guy randomly say to a girl "You look so good/pretty/beautiful/etc." So both sexes are privileged in certain ways. Plus, the "ladies first" isn't fully enforced or expected. If it was, then in lines, they would have all males go to the back and all females go to the front, no matter what, so even if a male was about to pay and a female comes, in that case, he would be expected to back off and let the female do the item scanning first.

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