Is the primary cause for climate change natural or man-made?

Posted by: NewLifeChristian

97% of climate experts agree humans are primarily causing climate change.

  • Man-made

  • Natural

72% 21 votes
28% 8 votes
  • Don't deny science! The evidence for man-made climate change is undeniable. Starting with the fact that CO2 emissions reached a new record high in 2014 (2014 was the warmest year in modern record!). Most of us are aware that CO2 is a greenhouse gas (a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing heat). So, by releasing more CO2, we are warming the planet.

  • Its called the greenhouse effect. There is an entire episode of Cosmos devoted to it.

  • I don't really buy the man-made argument. Saying that rising CO2 and temperature proves climate change is a correlation/causation fallacy. There is a chance that such a rise isn't due to CO2, and CO2 is vital for earth life anyways, so I'm pretty skeptical about it. It seems to be an excuse to fear-monger, and is definitely short of a crisis.

  • What the heck? People, the climate has literally been changing since Earth came into existence! If you look at graphs that depict the past, in context of the climate, you will see HUGE variation in temperatures, much higher and much cooler than today, so no it is mostly natural.

  • You have to look at the really big picture. The pro AGW alarmist show you only a very small snapshot of time.

  • The cause itself is overall natural. Even if humans didn't exist, the climate would still change over a long enough period of time. However, humans are the reason that it is accelerating exponentially. This is worse than being the cause, because the attitude of "I didn't cause it, so I can do whatever I want" is that of a child. It's the equivalent of watching an electrical fire spark in your house, but just pouring fuel on it because you didn't start it.

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Christopher_Carpenter says2015-08-19T23:36:43.5743828Z
The 97% of scientists things is actually false, here's an article about it:
Varrack says2015-08-19T23:40:47.7007202Z
"Don't deny science" said the young earth creationist.
Christopher_Carpenter says2015-08-19T23:46:20.7411415Z
@Varrack, Science and Religion don't have to be opposites. Those who disagree with the conflict thesis can easily pursue both.
Anonymous says2015-08-19T23:50:29.0649840Z
They both pursue truth or make truth claims, and they use radically different methods to do so. So yes, they are diametrically opposed at the core.
Midnight1131 says2015-08-19T23:51:38.9375578Z
Christopher_Carpenter, your link is worthless. We can't even read the full article without subscribing to the site.
Christopher_Carpenter says2015-08-20T00:02:31.0886298Z
@midnight1131, Odd. The article works fine when entered through google search. I tried to tinyurl it also to no avail. I would imagine your best bet would to simply search "the myth of climate change '97'", the name of the article. I apologies for the inconvenience.
TBR says2015-08-20T00:18:36.6155829Z
No worries Christopher_Carpenter. A better link
TBR says2015-08-20T00:19:31.6371356Z
triangle.128k says2015-08-20T00:25:42.2330659Z
You've made this poll twice.
NewLifeChristian says2015-08-20T20:07:12.4135145Z
@xhammy Why do you believe the primary cause for climate change is natural?
NewLifeChristian says2015-08-20T22:21:56.0871300Z
@Haroush - Why do you believe the primary cause for climate change is natural?
triangle.128k says2015-08-20T22:23:59.0789807Z
Complains about climate change denials, denies Evolution and the Earth's age.
NewLifeChristian says2015-08-20T22:26:06.4999352Z
@triangle.128k - Creation is science. Evolution is not. How do you like that?
triangle.128k says2015-08-20T22:26:34.3305136Z
That's why you couldn't properly debunk half the things I said in our debate.
triangle.128k says2015-08-20T22:27:36.4033115Z
Your only good argument was regarding a soft dinosaur bone, yet I could properly argue against that.

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