Is the Refugee crisis in Europe caused by the US government?

Posted by: Horizon6585

The European Union is a considerable economic competitor to the US, it would be no surprise if the US was purposefully destabilizing the Middle East to trigger a humanitarian crisis, which i turn would swamp Europe for it's own gain.

  • Yes

  • No (Take your meds)

40% 4 votes
60% 6 votes
  • If the US was only out for their own gain, then why are so many immigrants and war-torn refugees sent to settle in the states? We don't have enough jobs to support American citizens, let alone immigrants. And there are fewer employed Americans paying the taxes to help house, feed, clothe, and medicate new immigrants. If foreign countries took care of their own people, western societies wouldn't be burdened with this crap.

  • No I don't believe it is the US causing this problem in Europe. First off, the US has no authority in what other governments say and has no business either. Furthermore I do not believe it is our fault, but the Socialist Pigs in Europe fault for saying, "Oh their peaceful they won't harm us!" Give me a brake. Last off, we did destabilize Iraq yes, cause Socialist Pigs wanting peace in America. But saying we caused it all is bull. First off, if we were to cause all the destabilizing we would have to be there doing something in my opinion. And we are currently doing nothing, so I see it as we are not destabilizing them.

  • According to the European Union only 21% of the migrants who came in 2015 were Syrian and according to the European Comission only 40% were refugees. Most of the migrant are not refugees fleeing wars caused by the US.

    Posted by: Dilara
  • People living in a EU country have no one to blame but themselves and their own leaders (maybe the other countries in the EU will take a page from brexit and try to reclaim their sovereignty too). Just like we in the US have no one to blame but ourselves and our leaders for our immigration issues.

  • This would have been EASILY prevented if European political leaders wouldn't have let in unchecked mass migration from the middle east. All Europe needed to do was construct border security measures and being more restrictive on allowing in middle eastern immigrants. Europe has no one to blame but themselves, and the US would never do anything to Europe considering our political and economic ties with them.

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