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DerKurbis says2016-02-25T17:36:15.4576386Z
@Redman2234 The second amendment allows you to fight in a militia, but it also means you can defend yourself if attacked. You are allowed to have weapons, and to use them if you are attacked.
stschiffman says2016-02-25T22:13:33.8575323Z
@Redman2234 In District of Columbia v. Heller, the supreme court ruled that the second amendment did in fact apply to a citizen's right to keep and bear arms.
Fracking says2016-02-27T23:25:24.4131208Z
Because America
R3ALIST says2016-03-04T21:47:29.0043801Z
@Redman2234 My apologies, but that made no sense.. First, re-read the constitutional right being discussed.. Second, take in consideration about what the constitutional right is really telling the people.. Then try again.

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