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finns_froot_loops says2019-01-03T23:19:06.5047249Z
Snowflakes on this generation try to find anything that'll offend them in media, The smallest things
Adrian14 says2019-01-03T23:36:40.8093033Z
The dumbest debates are going around
ladiesman says2019-01-04T19:52:50.5523452Z
@finns_froot_loops You’re right, People will find evil if they seek it. The “controversy” over this song, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Rudolph is due to “bulldozer parenting” where parents remove all obstacles from their child’s path. As a result, The kid will not function well in the outside world. If you prevent your child from being excluded, Teased, Insulted, Etc. , A tiny thing they encounter in their adult life becomes intolerably painful. What happened with Rudolph and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is an overreaction.
beastmodeboy445 says2019-01-10T20:27:54.8369082Z
@finns_froot_loops, Cringey but ill expose you anyway. You can't say that a song that promotes the sexual misconduct of an unwilling individual is "the smallest thing"
Haberak says2019-01-11T20:57:12.8424540Z
The song is literally just a guy trying have the girl stay so they can spend more time together. No one's getting roofied or anything like that. If you pay attention she even seem like she wanted to stay and was playing hard to get. You know, How dating usually works.

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