Is the U.S. a republic or a democracy

Posted by: kasmic

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A Republic of course!
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They are the same thing!
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A democracy of course!
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ben671176 says2014-08-12T14:47:05.2096329-05:00
Democracy is a system of government where every citizen votes on everything; Republic is a system of government where the citizens elect representatives to vote for them.
Shield says2014-08-12T15:04:24.2364138-05:00
A republic is a form of government. A democracy is a method of government. A republic can be democratic, but a democracy cannot be republican. This poll is based on a misunderstanding of a misunderstanding. To be accurate though, it is a Republic, with democratic methods, but cannot be called a democracy, due to the very fact that it is a republic.
debate_power says2014-08-12T15:30:01.3787904-05:00
kasmic says2014-08-12T16:00:53.0321195-05:00
There are two types of democracy. Direct and indirect. We have an indirect democracy... Also known as a republic.
Shield says2014-08-12T16:10:28.4795750-05:00
Democracy is based on universal suffrage and thus a republic is not always an indirect democracy, such as the roman republic where only a certain group of people could vote upon the republic, meaning it was an aristocratic republic which more resembled a very large oligarchy that the republic we experience.
kasmic says2014-08-12T16:34:00.2599241-05:00
I say this tongue in cheek.... We do not have universal suffrage here. Only certain people can vote upon our republic.
robotic says2014-08-12T17:02:02.1182310-05:00
Technically, it is both...

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