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Berend says2015-08-31T08:11:41.5247208Z
Not anymore. I say it's become a plutocracy.
ramm55 says2015-08-31T15:14:57.6210125Z
No it is an Oligarchy
ramm55 says2015-08-31T15:16:09.3048505Z
The term “oligarchs” is gaining currency in the U.S. Sanders defined them as “a small number of very wealthy families who spend huge amounts of money supporting right-wing candidates who protect their interests.” He means to differentiate this “small number” from the larger world of the rich and super rich, the plutocrats, who – as a class – have long exercised considerable influence on the U.S. political system. Who are these oligarchs and how do they different from today’s plutocrats? And how does this generation of oligarchs differ from previous generations of the super rich who, over the last century, have dominated American politics?
VERACITAS says2015-08-31T22:22:32.2756346Z
I believe it was intended to be a Constitutional Republic; however, since the Democratic Party and their drones of government dependent followers have discovered social media, they have coined the United States as the face for Democracy. Most people tend to refer the United States as a Democracy though they have no idea what the word truly means. You can contribute that to our lackluster and manipulative public education system.
stargate says2015-09-01T22:26:44.0069549Z
No it is not an oligarchy, you can run for office if you want. You just need cash to fly every where, and appear on debates, talk shows ex.
WeastCoast420 says2015-09-17T04:26:18.2800297Z
It's a constitutional republic.
Berend says2015-09-17T15:23:34.4793572Z
@ramm55 , I am not using it based on Sander's saying, I am using it based on what thew word actually is. And it is a branch of Oligarchy. A plutocracy is a government ran or controlled by the wealth. That is what the nation is. That is the type of Oligarchy we have. An Oligarchy is a government controlled by a small number of people. Plutocracy goes further as group of wealthy running it, which is what actually is happening. Trump even flat out admitted it on the first debate and all the runners pretty much agreed by asking for money (though as form of mockery). Politics is ran by the wealthy and politicians are ran by the money. They are bought. It's obvious and has been that way for a while. A perfect example is the case of trying to remove led only to have companies using bought scientist saying "Led is fine"
Berend says2015-09-17T15:25:40.2333755Z
@stargate, that is the literal definition of Plutocracy. Ran by a small group (oligarchy) but you need money and politicians are bought out (see the senator with the snowball and what gets paid to say dumb crap), hence a plutocracy.

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