Is the US justified, in the intervention of other nation's internal political process in an attempt to stop human rights abuses?

Posted by: lannan13

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Sovereignty trumps human rights

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Human Rights trump sovereignty

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Human Rights is important, but we shouldn't intervene

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smg71 says2014-07-23T14:10:26.5451713-05:00
Who gives Americe the right to dictate who can and can't have nuclear, America's thinking it's dangerous in the wrong hands (a deterent) so others can't develop. Who is the only country to have developed nuclear weapons and use them in war?, answer America, the rest of the world should stop this dictatorship as it's just a cleverer way in trying to emulate Hitler.
lannan13 says2014-07-23T14:17:59.7431214-05:00
I never said nuclear power. I said human rights abuses.
smg71 says2014-07-23T14:24:58.8295806-05:00
Human rights start by being allowed some sort of freedom in life not dictatorships, laws are in place regarding human rights and not all cultures and faiths have the same beliefs, who is right ?/who is wrong?. America have no right in trying to run the world and the differing faiths, nuclear is the way in which they decide things, so my response in the long run answered your question more than a simple yes or no.

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