Is the US really the greatest country in the world?

Posted by: Pretzelz

Poll closed on 7/10/2015 at 12:00PM.
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Not really

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Us is the best!!!

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TBR says2015-06-06T13:22:09.2587259-05:00
By what metric? I would say we aren't in many if not most metrics. I still am happy to be an American, but it is demonstrably true that we are NOT greatest in many respects.
triangle.128k says2015-06-06T17:22:29.4895351-05:00
It depends on where you live in US.
JinxMage2314 says2015-06-07T21:20:46.7345407-05:00
The freest nation in the world? Is that why the media is full of propaganda and our "capitalist" system includes such powerful monopolies?
emporer1 says2015-06-09T14:42:25.2475921-05:00
@rationalhomosapien there is such a thing as to much freedom. Sadly the world has many people who cannot handle freedom properly. There is to much freedom on one end and to heavy an oppression on the other. The trick is finding a good middle ground. The country that manages that, would most likely be the greatest.

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