Is the USA overreacting to ISIS?

Posted by: Unknown95

Nothing but ISIS on the news most of the time, our news has a habit of twisting facts and overreacting.

  • Yes

  • No

23% 7 votes
77% 23 votes
  • They're going to burn themselves out. Lunatics like them always do.

  • Why should I care? If we leave the area, they won't be so annoyed at us. Why should we care? People in the middle east kill one another all the time, US doesn't need to be involved

    Posted by: basils
  • We have been intervening in the middle East since the 1950's and guess what? They still hate us and they always will. You go in and kill everyone in ISIS, and as soon as you leave some new group will just take their place. Are they a threat? Of course, but it doesn't take many people to carry out an act of terrorism, so there will always be a threat out there.

  • As far as I'm concerned ISIS is an organization that is originally created by the US and their allies... Overreacting, underacting, it doesn't really matter, its just for the show!

    Posted by: ayaeg
  • If anything, they're underreacting...

  • ICIS are a community of extremists who are prepared to kill and do horrible things to any member of the public. The problem with any extremist group is that they are prepared to do anything, even to the extent of taking their own lives, this could lead to disasters, for example 9/11 or the london bombings. and its not just the actual amry in syria what is the problem. its the influence what they have over the rest of the world. Already loads of british people have tried to leave the United Kingdom to join ICIS. this has lead to their army getting bigger. we do not know how far this could go, how much influence they could have over people. And dont forget that they are prepared to do anything, so think of an army what dont care and what have no regrets trying to advance on other countries. they would not retreat they would just kill themselves to try and kill you. so yes ISIS is a worry, and i believe that the US and other countries should be trying to stop Extremist groups from murdering and influencing people.

  • Better to overestimate your foe than underestimate him.

  • No we are not overreacting. In fact we should begin a military offensive to stop Isis and other terrorist cells.

  • of course not, islam is evil

  • Obama is doing nothing at all about ISIS, which is disheartening.

  • They are well funded and supported, depends on by who as to risk. However as the public with the limited info we have they must be seen as a risk.

  • My country is waiting for america to send in troops and we will be right behind you

    Posted by: hect
  • Over reacting? Seriously? We've done nothing! Our president doesn't even recognize ISIS as a threat. Yet, ISIS monsters continue their murderous rampage every day. We need a GREATER reaction. We need an honest media and president as well.

  • They are under reacting. ISIS is a far bigger threat to the world than the Taliban (in my opinion) yet America deployed to Afghanistan. The world's Nations (US,European Countries,Iran,Middle eastern Countries, Russia, etc. Need to be more involved in stopping ISIS.

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Unknown95 says2015-06-04T11:55:43.6100599-05:00
Can you state your reasons for your opinion?
kylehaydn says2015-06-04T12:02:28.4462486-05:00
Please feel free to correct me in anything if i am wrong.
Unknown95 says2015-06-04T12:11:45.1145395-05:00
You know they are loosing in Syria right? The free Syrian army is kicking their ass.
Unknown95 says2015-06-04T12:14:03.3216958-05:00
In Iraq rebels are slowing them down.
shalal12 says2015-06-04T14:25:51.6618377-05:00
" free Syrian army is kicking their ass"!!!! They are some jerks who weaken Syria main army, thus helping ISIS. They sometimes fight with ISIS and sometimes with Syrian people. There are so many rebels in "free Syrian army" who are not even Syrian!!!! U.S gives them so many weapons claiming that they are moderate Syrian rebels. In fact, they are some wild people who are killing Syrian people.
Emilrose says2015-06-04T14:31:26.6877205-05:00
Que? The U.S created ISIS, hence why there is literally no incentive to defeat them.
tajshar2k says2015-06-04T14:34:40.0939950-05:00
Islam created ISIS. The U.S just gave it a thumbs up thats all.
Varrack says2015-06-04T14:35:57.1523714-05:00
Wth. The US didn't create ISIS.
tajshar2k says2015-06-04T14:37:14.4915550-05:00
Ya it gave it a thumbs up though.
tajshar2k says2015-06-04T14:37:29.3441359-05:00
Oh wait, nvm you were talking to her lol.
genesis12 says2015-06-04T14:43:58.4973781-05:00
Islam created ISIS because it's an evil and terrorist religion.
shalal12 says2015-06-04T15:02:21.5982232-05:00
Islam never made ISIS. ISIS is raised because Wahhabi-at is raised. And Wahhabi-at is made and supported with British government and U.S. ISIS and Al-Qaidah terrorists are basically Wahhabi and Wahhabi-at is thoroughly supported with U.S. Just do research how U.S and its allies support Saudi Arabia which is basically Wahhabi government. Read the memories of Mr.Hempher the British spy. You will understand who made such fabricated branch of Islam.
Darthidiot says2015-06-04T15:15:09.3003148-05:00
Incompetent Muslim nations are also to blame. Instead of fighting guys like ISIS, they let them become powerful, and then they point fingers at the U.S. Typical excuse. I'm sorry, but if you hate ISIS why the hell don't you destroy them? Why wait for the U.S?
tajshar2k says2015-06-04T15:16:37.0861670-05:00
hect says2015-06-04T17:36:40.0844305-05:00
@shalal12: I am so sick of muslims telling me which muslims are true and which muslims are not. That's half the problem right there and it only leads to even more separation and discrimination. Who claims the authority to dictate what makes a true believer and what does not?
ashkan says2015-06-04T17:58:31.8464833-05:00
Genisis, there are many other terrorist groups that are not Islamic. There are Christian ones, Jewish ones, non-religious ones, and more. You are generalizing terrorism to Islam when most terrorist are not Islamic.
58539672 says2015-06-04T22:21:36.2762301-05:00
The problem with dealing with ISIS is that if we launch offensives against them, the Assad regime in Syria regains control of their country. And if we eliminate the Assad regime, we create a power vacuum that only ISIS can fill. We have two enemies were attacking one leads to assisting the other.
shalal12 says2015-06-05T00:23:27.9513668-05:00
@hect , There are many groups of Muslims in the world and I'm not trying to say which of them is better. Even I have a good friend who is not from my own branch and I respect his beliefs. However, many questions raises in our mind.. *Why are all the terrorists and rebels are basically Wahhabi?! *Why Saudi Arabia (which has adopted Wahhabi at) attacks other countries e.g. Yemen?! *This branch has been made in recent centuries. Why Israel and U.S back Wahhabi-at?!
hect says2015-06-05T00:25:43.7085187-05:00
Wait a minute are you the same crackpot who challenged me to a debate on this issue and then forfeited just under a different profile?
shalal12 says2015-06-05T00:40:55.6987154-05:00
@Darthidiot , We don't want U.S to fight with ISIS. We just want U.S and its allies not to give rebels weapons and not to train them! 25 thousands of rebels are in cute-alsharqiya-dameshgh ready to attack the capital of Syria in order to omit Assad. Thy are all trained by Israel, Saudi Arabia, U.S.. And equipped with modern weapons. Omaba claims that they are moderate rebels ( I just wonder what a moderate terrorist looks like?!). Iran can easily ruin ISIS but all the Iranians know that if they involve war U.S and its allies will help rebels more to make a balance between their enemies. As they are making balance between Iraq-Syria armies and rebels' armies. In fact U.S never benefits if one side wins.
tajshar2k says2015-06-05T15:31:27.3359201-05:00
We fight ISIS, because you people aren't capable of fighting them. Do you know why Ramadi fell to ISIS? The U.S allowed Iran to bring in Shia fighters, and those guys we unable to withstand the assault set down by ISIS.
58539672 says2015-06-05T22:22:08.9681683-05:00
Despite what many of the Iranian backed militia's might say, they kind of need the US airstrikes. They have been at several standstills with ISIS that have lasted weeks with only our airstrikes pushing the balance of power in our favor. On the other side of the coin, the US refuses to commit ground forces, so they have to rely on the Iraqis to do it. Since the Iraq army is still recovering, they can't really do their job without the help of the militia. Both Iran and the US need each other in this conflict, even if they NEVER admit it.

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