Is the USA rome 2.0?

Posted by: stargate

By that I mean is the usa similar to what rome, to the point of being able to say the usa is rome 2.0.

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Yes the Usa is rome 2.0

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No the usa is not rome 2.0

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stargate says2015-09-26T23:00:00.8204013Z
We have modeled our government after them, and in many ways we are similar. The question remains will we last as long if not longer.
Haroush says2015-09-27T12:43:38.5476807Z
Our country is going to fall apart the same way too. We are already doing the exact same things the roman empire did before they fell.
stargate says2015-09-27T13:09:38.7946558Z
It is not to late to fix the problems.
cludwig says2015-10-01T05:48:51.9792670Z
The U.S. will fall for the same reasons as did the Romans, Athenians, and the ancient Egyptians. The manifestation of the coming collapse, however, will be somewhat different and more spectacular. When the U.S. collapses, it will drag down dozens of mature societies (western nations) with it. The U.S. might not even be the first ship to go under; the catalyst. Thus, this collapse will be global in nature. I expect that our modern lifestyle and standard of living will be destroyed, and the social welfare system will all but disappear (it will not be a good time to be old, young, or a single mom on food stamps). It is also likely that tens, if not hundreds of millions will die during the coming age of scarcity.
cludwig says2015-10-01T05:50:03.4933342Z
The coming collapse will be global; involving multiple nations. The U.S. will be only one casualty in what is coming in the next 5 - 20 years.

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