Is the Westboro Baptist Church a hate group?

Posted by: Circle_Craft

The Westboro Baptist Church is an organization dedicated to insulting gays and bringing hate to America. They picket many places to defend themselves, holding signs that say things like "God hates fags" and "Thank God for dead soldiers".

  • Yes, they are a hate group and need to be disbanded.

  • No. They are doing the right thing.

90% 26 votes
10% 3 votes
  • The Westboro Baptist Church is in fact a hate group. Their movement does nothing but spread hate throughout the world and they need to be disbanded. The Constitution allows free speech, not hate speech.

  • Just yes.

    Posted by: TBR
  • They're a smudge on the face of the Earth that I wish my windex could clean off. Sadly, it can't.

  • According to Wikipedia, "A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society." So, yes, they are a hate group.

  • Don't disband them, though

  • Yes. Not disbanded for several reasons freedom of speech, unnecessary, a good example of Christian fundamentalism...ect.

  • At least they're a church and not atheists.

  • No, not once have they said they personally hated anyone. they say that God hates, they get it from these passages Ps. 5:5-6 and Ps 11:5-6.

    Posted by: Skunky
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briantheliberal says2015-04-08T15:30:15.5414756-05:00
I don't think they need to be "disbanded" but they shouldn't be feeding off of tax payers with their rhetoric.
TBR says2015-04-08T15:31:20.1446264-05:00
@Rhodesia79 - Thats not saying much for religion.
briantheliberal says2015-04-08T15:43:04.1386946-05:00
TBR, his claim doesn't really surprise me at all. He only supports my reasons for being anti-religion.
Tonius5 says2015-04-08T16:48:06.4816481-05:00
Hate groups are protected under the 1st Amendment. Your feelings are trumped by it.
TBR says2015-04-08T17:13:15.0545091-05:00
@Tonius5 - The question is - is it a hate group. There is no one interfering with their 1 Amendment rights. No answers have said they cant say whatever stupid thing they want. Most of the responses have been about what a terrible reflection they are on "religion" that's all.
Black-Jesus says2015-04-08T19:54:01.7127286-05:00
@Circle_Craft, The 1st amendment not only protects free speech, which mean free speech and not "prohibited speech", so you're argument is invalid, and furthermore, it protects our right to assemble and peaceably protest, all of which the Westboro Baptist Church follow and it is not only unconstitutional but also immoral to break them up; you can't silence people because you don't like what they have to say, regardless of how obviously wrong they are; which they are.
briantheliberal says2015-04-08T19:56:50.8654673-05:00
Tonius, nobody said anything about taking away their 1st Amendment rights, you just feel the need to defend them because you are just as intolerant as they are, and share common beliefs based on hatred of gay people.
Black-Jesus says2015-04-08T19:57:26.5263815-05:00
Excuse the grammar, people; my bad
Dilara says2015-04-08T21:48:57.0961957-05:00
Bunch of racist homophobics.
missmedic says2015-04-09T22:23:50.8302402-05:00
Westboro Baptist Church are truly evangelical and literally follow the bible, that is the problem with faith, it can be used to justify and defend absolutely anything.

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