Is theory of evolution more logical than creationism?

Posted by: Lucassamson

I just wanna know what you think about evolution theory and crestionism

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The theory of evolution is MORE logical than creation

29 votes

Theory of evolution is irrational

10 votes
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Theory of creationism is logical than evolution

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The theory of evolution is more credible than creationism

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Vox_Veritas says2015-03-23T18:48:43.5718989-05:00
Biased Poll
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-23T19:05:24.2926539-05:00
Never mind
Mister_Man says2015-03-23T19:06:15.3083637-05:00
You can add your own answers so you can ignore his lol
PetersSmith says2015-03-23T19:09:11.2822770-05:00
Why not both?
triangle.128k says2015-03-23T19:31:14.3100453-05:00
@PetersSmith So apparently you can disbelieve and believe in Evolution at the same time.
PetersSmith says2015-03-23T19:33:08.1098568-05:00
Triangle.128k: Yes?
triangle.128k says2015-03-23T19:39:53.0763160-05:00
@PetersSmith Makes perfect sense. Please explain how this is possible.
PetersSmith says2015-03-23T19:45:33.3268429-05:00
Triangle.128k: Well, technically you "can" believe in anything you want, but that doesn't make it true. However, I think you can believe and not believe in evolution in relation to parts of it. For example, we aren't completely sure how life came on earth/what it originally evolved from.
Mister_Man says2015-03-23T19:58:32.2941450-05:00
Triangle - God created the universe and life, and life evolved to adapt to the conditions on Earth, very simple explanation. Although I don't believe in that lol
triangle.128k says2015-03-23T19:59:24.7809721-05:00
@Mister_Man That's called theistic evolution, not creationism.
tcutshaw2 says2015-03-23T20:01:59.6609571-05:00
@PetersSmith I think you are talking about abiogenesis, which is a completely different ballgame. Abiogenesis is about how the very first cell came to be. Evolution is everything that happened after. We still don't know how the very first cell was made, but we have a pretty good idea on how everything else got here.
missmedic says2015-03-23T20:45:39.5061663-05:00
Creationism is not a theory. Creationism is not based in logic but faith. Creationism requires belief, evolution is true whether you believe it or not.
Mister_Man says2015-03-24T01:21:27.3359683-05:00
Well then I don't know LOL
MrFox says2015-03-24T05:14:21.2513629-05:00
It's so telling that creationism is only an issue in the US, where religion is a business.
Texas14 says2015-03-25T22:15:03.4536919-05:00
Evolution and creationism are both logical, they just explain completely different things. I'm not saying the Earth was created 6 thousand years ago, but I am saying that there was a creator.
FantumHeist says2015-03-30T06:24:16.2870732-05:00
Religious people all ways ask people who believe Evolution over a superior power why did monkeys and ape's not evolve i have a single question in response why don't snakes and other serpents talk?
LaughItUpLydia says2015-03-30T11:16:06.4756595-05:00
@FantomHeist: Both beliefs require faith, but in different ways. You've never seen evolution actually occur (so there's the faith part), but you base the beliefs on certain evidences. I've seen God work and move, but I base most of my beliefs on faith.
Mister_Man says2015-03-30T13:06:54.5266794-05:00
@Lydia - the belief with no evidence requires faith. There's evidence of animals and any organic life adapting to it's environment over a period of time, so it's not FAITH to believe this can happen on a grand scale, it's a calculated hypothesis based on evidence.
reece says2015-03-30T13:23:50.8692492-05:00
@LaughItUpLydia Don't try to drag science down to your level. You've never seen your great great great, etc, etc, etc granddad occur (So there's the faith part)
LaughItUpLydia says2015-03-30T13:44:50.9485987-05:00
@MisterMan, It's a theory, not fact, because you're inferring/assuming what happened based on few pieces of evidence. You've never seen it happen and it's not proven, so you must have faith that it happened. And actually, it's not faith you're taking, it's blind faith due to your belief in improbable chance. "Chance alone is at the source of every innovation, of all creation in the biosphere. Pure chance, absolutely free but blind is at the very root of the stupendous edifice of evolution." -Jacques Monod
Mister_Man says2015-03-30T13:54:18.7914140-05:00
It's a theory supported with loads of evidence and reason and high probability ratings. Like Reece said, you've never seen your great great great grandfather, so how do you know he existed? My belief in evolution is not even close to "blind faith," as there is loads of evidence to support the theory of evolution. If anything, belief in God is "blind faith" as there's zero evidence to support the idea of God's existence.
LaughItUpLydia says2015-03-30T14:34:33.2816586-05:00
Faith is strong belief in something/someone. Blind faith is believing something that has zero evidence. The problem with your Evolution is that it started as a hypothesis which was later believed to be a theory, but then modern discoveries in science debunked it and they made a new hypothesis and new theory...This cycle could go on. The belief in God is something that can't be proven because it concerns higher dimensions and a different field of evidence, therefore it's faith and does not fall in the category of "blind faith."
Mister_Man says2015-03-30T16:35:12.2440502-05:00
No, faith is a belief in something without any evidence. You REQUIRE faith to believe in God because there is no evidence for his existence. You do not require faith to believe in evolution, as there is enough evidence pointing toward it being fact. Although we do not have "proof" that humans, or anything really, all evolved from a common ancestor, we do have evidence that points toward that theory. And because we have evidence that strongly supports this idea, we don't rely on faith. "Blind faith is believing something that has zero evidence." "The belief in God is something that can't be proven." "therefore it's faith and does not fall in the category of "blind faith."" Pick one, lol. So far, the idea of God is no more than an idea. The idea of evolution is a theory backed with loads of evidence and facts behind it. Do you see a difference? I do.
triangle.128k says2015-03-30T17:23:14.3925206-05:00
@Mister_Man The dictionary disagrees with you on that one. Faith is a strong belief/confidence. Strongly believing in the theory of Evolution is faith. The term "faith" has nothing to do with the amount of evidence. Blind faith would be to believe in something without good evidence.
triangle.128k says2015-03-30T17:23:37.1087032-05:00
Mister_Man says2015-03-30T18:24:25.5963771-05:00
Well dictionary.Com disagrees with that definition. Either way, I'm sure we can agree that faith and blind faith are different things - Belief in God requires blind faith because there is zero evidence supporting his existence. Belief in evolution requires just "faith" (at the very most, I'm just entertaining argument) because there IS evidence supporting evolution, and microevolution has been proven to exist already.
Mister_Man says2015-03-30T18:24:31.1499415-05:00
LaughItUpLydia says2015-03-30T18:48:50.2192587-05:00
Merriam Webster is more reliable
LaughItUpLydia says2015-03-30T18:50:54.6250099-05:00
Yes, and I know microevolution is proven fact. That's why I believe it--I have yet to find someone who doesn't. Macroevolution, however, and the idea that the earth/universe(s) were created by nothing trillions of years ago.
triangle.128k says2015-03-30T18:52:38.4685134-05:00
There's no reason to criticize theists for their beliefs. I personally believe it is more likely god doesn't exist but I don't try to attack the belief in god and call it "blind faith." And I don't know what you mean but if you strongly believe Evolution is true, you have faith in it being true.
LaughItUpLydia says2015-03-30T18:52:49.1275419-05:00
Excuse me **Macroevolution, however, and the idea that the earth/universe(s) were created by nothing trillions of years ago is a theory that is put together with assumed evidence that seems very improbable in my eyes.
Mister_Man says2015-03-30T19:06:55.6194893-05:00
You're wrong in a couple ways. The Earth/Universe was not created out of nothing, and was not created trillions of years ago. The Universe was (most likely) created through quantum fluctuations when only energy existed. Look up quantum fluctuations, it shows how particles can be created from "nothing" (nothing, being energy), so that fact makes it possible that quantum fluctuations could have very well taken place on a grand scale before solid matter existed, when only pure energy existed. Secondly, this is estimated to have happened ~14billion years ago, not trillions. It seeming improbable in your eyes is irrelevant unfortunately. 1+1+1+1+1+1=6 can be improbable in your eyes, doesn't make it any less reasonable. Us seeing that equation (as a metaphor to evolution) as 1+1+1+______+1=6, and deducing that the missing spaces are filled with +1+1 is not unreasonable at all. There is more evidence to support evolution than there is to support God.
Mister_Man says2015-03-30T19:08:12.0472626-05:00
I'm not criticizing anyone for their beliefs, I'm simply challenging what Lydia said, about evolution and religion both requiring faith.
LaughItUpLydia says2015-03-31T21:13:11.7207383-05:00
I can't comment
LaughItUpLydia says2015-03-31T21:16:13.4066181-05:00
It wont let me
FantumHeist says2015-04-01T08:53:12.9389455-05:00
Laughitup no one can prove God exist and no one has seen him work so they say he works in mysterious ways but really it is just life playing out. Though over the time man have been on earth society has changed and animals have changed and adapted to different environments. We are constantly finding and discovering new species and find new things about our universe. Does God prevent war does God help dying people no science does not God not this false being of faith and religion. Science can ensure the survival of the human species and other species. If God exists would he love us all equally or would he only love his followers apparently because he did no prevent the Catholic horde called the Knights of Templar from invading the middle east and taking the Once beautiful city of Jerusalem. Did God stop Catholics from burning heretics (nonbelievers) at the stake. Yes other religions other have performed crimes against other human beings. Religion in general is full of corruption and atrocities but apparently they were just forgiven and the current catholic church will try to deny committing such acts
FantumHeist says2015-04-01T22:26:52.4308677-05:00
I win
tcutshaw2 says2015-04-02T10:44:33.8041067-05:00
Who do you win against?
FantumHeist says2015-04-02T12:17:42.3076583-05:00

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