Is there a God?

Posted by: CosmoJarvis

Is there a god, or no god at all, or is there a spaghetti demon

  • Yes

  • No

49% 28 votes
51% 29 votes
  • People who are religious have a serious leg down on this one.

  • There is a God, but God isn't good. He's first and foremost an artist and that wants to make his world interesting - that means he can also be very cruel and amoral, too.

  • there is a One True God and he is the creator of and above all and he is GREAT! Honestly there is no word in the human language that can describe how awesome God is and how much he loves his creation( you,me,animals,trees,stars,etc).. He is every where and if you need all you have to do is call his name and he will come.

  • Does anyone want evidence? Okay Everything in the universe must have a cause, or else it would not be. We can trace back all these causes to the very beginning of the universe. The Cause that began with it all must be in some way different to all other causes: it must be itself uncaused. We cannot imagine how something could be not be caused except in one case. If the First Cause existed outside of time, then it would be silly to speak of it being caused, since Cause and effect require time to be in operation for them to make sense: there is a time when the effect has not happened yet, then there is a time when the effect is happening, and finally comes a time when the effect has happened. If there is no time, then the concepts of Cause and effect lose their meaning. We can thus deduce that the first Cause had to exist outside of time. This form of existence turns out, in fact, to be one of the very descriptions of God. Thus, if the First Cause is necessary to explain every other cause and effect that followed it; and if the characteristics of the First Cause match up exactly with the characteristics of God... It is logical to assume that God is the First Cause, and that it is necessary to believe that God exists.

    Posted by: Kollo
  • Yeah CosmoJarvis!

  • I've yet to see any evidence or logical argument to support the claim that there is a god, so the default logical position is to not believe in a god(s).

  • “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” - Epicurus

  • There is no god. There has never been any proof for it. The only thing close to proof is the bible, but that was written by man, and therefor is not evidence for anything.

  • Religion is not logical and does not help in the overall picture. Even if there was a god, it could not be all powerful and all knowing and all good.

  • Nope.

    Posted by: LYC
  • I guess I'd say no. TBH im not really sure.

  • There has been no evidence to prove that a god exists

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Tree_of_Death says2016-12-13T02:31:00.2562664Z
Spaghetti demon FTW!!!!
Iacov says2016-12-13T14:17:44.4777693Z
Is the a gods option?
cyber_onions says2016-12-15T12:56:16.7430514Z
Dunno, but spaghetti demon sounds like a winner
CosmoJarvis says2017-01-03T17:03:46.6400127Z
Best response: "there is a One True God and he is the creator of and above all and he is GREAT!" -Plasmawipes
brinzahar says2017-02-24T16:16:02.6196950Z
There is one true god and that is myself as only I know that I am even real as the metaphysical world is hard to comprehend but in the end the one thing I know is real is myself, therefore I am a god.
Anonymous says2017-10-04T01:31:59.8806261Z
So you believe the Big Bang can't come from nothing, but your God can?
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-11-29T07:26:55.7563451Z

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