Is there a legitimate reason to burn the Quran or the Bible?

Posted by: Uniter

  • YES, there are some good reasons.

  • NO, it's just a way to provoke and cause conflict.

62% 18 votes
38% 11 votes
  • To try to prove that you don't need the book. I can burn a maths book and still calculate that 2+2 still equals 4.

    Posted by: reece
  • If you're out of firewood, sure. Or you can use it to brighten a bonfire since paper is highly flammable.

  • Who cares it's a book! Just a book.

  • You need to make a fire.

    Posted by: ashkan
  • Burning the Quran is actually the only permissible way of disposing it in Islam (but ONLY if it's beyond any use) I'm not sure about the Bible. That would be the only reason I would see in burning it.

  • ...If you run out of firewood.

  • Just as much a reason to burn a book on greek mythology or the epic of gilgamesh.

    Posted by: SE2
  • not unless you are cold and out of firewood and have ample holy books

    Posted by: hect
  • Nothing but bad will come from it. Retaliation through violence will be a real possibility. But hey, you can't protect someone from themselves.

    Posted by: Najs
  • True, due to one's freedom, one can burn these holy books. But nothing good comes from it. It results in protests and riots always. Richard Dawkins doesn't burn Qurans, Bibles, or Torahs people. People who live for violence and provoking burn other's holy books. To the people who think a bonfire is a good reason, please don't vote.

    Posted by: Uniter
  • Don't burn it, but read it, it will save you if you open your mind to it.

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Stefy says2015-06-09T07:38:30.6178045-05:00
Usually people do it to make a statement. As a theist im actually never offended by it. I think if your secure in your beliefs someone being against them wouldnt shake them. But i also can totally understand why people would be offended who are more traditional than me. Its your culture after all that someone is blatently disrespecting and insulting. But then again they also should totally be allowed to do it.
PetersSmith says2015-06-09T10:52:31.4368621-05:00
Uniter says2015-06-09T11:25:26.7670737-05:00
I agree that people have the right to do it, but I see no reason to do it, unless you want to start some form of conflict. I can see moderate muslims, christians, or jews not really caring or having peaceful protests, especially when they have firm beliefs. But people have to understand not all people are sane, and have radical beliefs, especially in third world countries. I see no reason to provoke these people, and I see no positive outcome from doing such actions.
KidMedic says2015-07-12T21:09:45.4364927-05:00
When it comes down to it, both are books. It's the words that are sacred, not the paper.

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