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Arai says2018-04-09T02:08:31.0235103Z
Mister_Man says2018-04-10T01:48:42.8003159Z
@Antoine - So there's an EARNINGS gap, not a WAGE gap.
Antoine_Wolfgang says2018-04-10T01:59:06.2359246Z
@Mister_Man The terms are inseparable in terms of the context of my argument. I completely agree with your initial premise upon reading your comment above. However, if we are to take the question by its literal meaning and not by what is implied, then we would obtain two very different conclusions. Men, on AVERAGE earn a larger wage in comparison to women, just as any demographic group of people earn differing wages in a variety of subjects, demonstrating that in fact there is a gap (clear space in between of) in the wages earned by differing demographics (In this case men and women). However, is there a wage gap in terms of it being inherently sexist or discriminatory? Absolutely not. We both agree, we just choose to answer the question differently in accordance to the implication that the question is making. I choose to criticize the framing of the question itself.
Mister_Man says2018-04-10T02:09:10.6295159Z
Yeah I was just changing the wording up a bit, glad you responded :) The unfortunate thing is there are plenty women who genuinely believe some women are paid less than men for the exact same job, and what's even worse is that they believe any example of this is due solely to sexism, even if the guy has been there longer, has a better education, asks for raises more often, etc.
Antoine_Wolfgang says2018-04-10T02:51:29.2386626Z
@Mister_Man I completely agree. I also think the question of the wage gap between men and women also coincides with a debate question for which I raised, which prioritizes equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcome. I believe that it is perfectly acceptable for anybody to be earning less as long as they are earning less. After all, if men and women are paid the same amount regardless of the work they input, incentive to work will completely vanish as now there is no competition by which men and women can motivate themselves from. Cheers!
A_standard_user says2018-04-22T18:15:58.8811275Z
Between what?
rubicwaffles says2018-05-18T22:30:51.3213002Z
Women tend to pick lesser paying jobs than men. That's why there's a gap. If a man and woman are working the same job and the same amount of time, it's illegal to pay the woman less (vis versa).

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