Is there any legitimate proof of God?

Posted by: evanjfarrar

Explain below. I'm interested to hear what the DDO theists say about this.

  • Yes

  • No

31% 10 votes
69% 22 votes
  • Long story short: Depends on what line of reasoning can be considered "legitimate proof", but given various observations in science and philosophy ("fine-tuning" of the universe, origin of objective morality, cause of the universe et cetera) it is perfectly reasonable to deduce the necessary existence of God.

  • Prophecy. Yeah, yeah. I know there are idiots who claim it's all open ended and generalized predictions, But there are thousands of prophecies in the Bible that are detailed, and some of them include names and dates. The Bible is 100 percent accurate, when it comes to prophecy. Anyone who says otherwise is willfully ignorant.

  • Yes, there have been numerous excavations, which have indeed uncovered evidence of many of the events, which transpired during the Old Testament, as well as immense accuracy of the facts written in the Bible.

  • The fact that something cannot come from nothing. If God didn't exist then we would have a infinite circle of caused causes and an uncaused cause. Nothing would exist because nothing cannot cause itself to occur. But things do exist! So there must be a first cause, or mover, what we call God.

  • The universe has a divine creator not an unexplainible explosion.

  • No! Not just "no" but hell no.

    Posted by: maslow
  • Actually, the only 'proof' on the existence of god(s) is faith. But logically and scientifically, there's no single proof supporting the cause for God. For example, let's begin with the leading argument for God's existence: the teleological argument. Since the universe is perfectly designed, goes the famous argument, therefore there is a god who created it. In other words, there must be a cause that caused the universe, and that cause happens to be god. Actually, those who use that argument miss that there can be anything behind the perfect design of the universe (an inanimate force like gravity maybe?). And by assuming that designer of the universe is god, it gives us many outcomes. Is there one god? or maybe a supreme god along with his companions as featured in Greek mythology, for instance. And if there's one god which version of monotheism is the right one? Judaism, Christianity or Islam? Sikhism, Baha'ism or Mormonism? Or maybe there is one God with different incarnations that happen to be three in Christian creed, and scores in case of Hindu belief? Such a tough call to make. I'm not here to attack religious beliefs or god(s) or even argue for atheism or agnosticism. But i'm objectionably saying that we cannot use logical arguments as a proof of God because it's a matter of faith and metaphysics. And as Immanuel Kant said, such things go beyond human reason.

  • there is absolutely no proof of gods or allah's existence. absolutely anyone idiot could write the bible or quran from scratch, the bible is rewritten all the time. faith doesn't prove anything because they believe because they are repeatedly told religion is true and the more times people are told religion is true the more they believe it. religion is indoctrination to believe something without proof. and the entire idea of hell is to scare people into accepting religion with no proof since fear can make people irrational and illogical.

  • You don't need proof to believe in a God. It also depend on the definition. God is not something to prove because people defend this "God" without proof. Well, if everyone is claiming that God is the same there will obviously be different interpretations of it and so you can never get to a clear strong definition of God.

    Posted by: Leonus
  • I believe "god" was invented to propagate laws and instill fear if one didn't obey the laws of god.

  • If there is, I haven't seen it and I've almost countless debates between the religious and the irreligious.

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maslow says2016-07-13T02:20:42.8410787Z
If you have any intellect or ability to reason at all, you know that there is no god.
harrytruman says2016-07-13T02:22:26.6815330Z
harrytruman says2016-07-13T02:22:48.7823006Z
maslow says2016-07-13T02:23:16.3324304Z
LittleBallofHate: you have NO empiracle evidence to back your claim about the "Bible". I suggest you read Plato's Republic instead.
LittleBallofHATE says2016-07-13T02:47:08.4102312Z
@maslow: Then you shouldn't have any problem picking a Biblical prophecy and proving that it was wrong. Go ahead. I'll wait.
LittleBallofHATE says2016-07-13T03:33:55.7763566Z
Anyone else notice that no one who voted no gave an explanation for their vote?
LordDeathera says2016-07-13T07:25:46.8236703Z
@LittleBallofHATE Nor did a lot of people that said yes. There is no point in giving a reason for NO as it is just common sense... And I can do better than one. I can do six. Isaiah 17:1 “An oracle concerning Damascus: See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.” FAIL: Damascus is still inhabited today with well over a million people and there was never a time where it ceased to be a city. It is widely known as being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Isaiah 19:4-5 “I will hand the Egyptians over to the power of a cruel master, and a fierce king will rule over them, declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty. The waters of the river will dry up, and the riverbed will be parched and dry.” FAIL: The river mentioned here is the Nile which never dried up and is still one of Egypt’s greatest natural resource. Isaiah 52:1 “Awake, awake, O Zion, clothe yourself with strength. Put on your garments of splendor, O Jerusalem, the holy city. The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter you again.” FAIL: There are still uncircumcised people living in Jerusalem even today. Ezekiel 30:10-11 “This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will put an end to the hordes of Egypt by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. He and his army – the most ruthless of nations – will be brought in to destroy the land. They will draw their swords against Egypt and fill the land with the slain.” FAIL: Ezekiel predicts that Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon will conquer Egypt utterly destroying it, slaying and scattering its people. In 568 BCE Nebuchadnezzar tried to conquer Egypt and Egypt survived with no apparent damage. Aahmes ruled for another generation over a prosperous Egypt and lived to see Nebuchadnezzar die. The Egyptians were not scattered or dispersed. Ezekiel 29:10-11 “therefore I am against you and against your streams, and I will make the land of Egypt a ruin and a desolate waste from Migdol to Aswan, as far as the border of Cush. The foot of neither man nor beast will pass through it; no one will live there for forty years.” FAIL: Never in its long history has Egypt been uninhabited for forty years. Matthew 16:28 “I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” 23:36 “I tell you the truth, all this will come upon this generation.” 24:34 “I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.” FAIL: Jesus states in Matthew that all the signs marking the end of the world would be fulfilled before his generation ended, before the people that were standing infront of him “taste death.” Those people have been dead for over 2000 years and the world did not come to an end, neither have all those signs been fulfilled.
LordDeathera says2016-07-13T07:27:02.4949771Z
Didn't know it wouldn't paragraph - but I think my point is proven.
maslow says2016-07-13T23:24:57.9001609Z
@Lordeathera: I agree
maslow says2016-07-13T23:27:59.1912472Z
The Bible is an unreliable authority because it contains numerous contradictions. Logically, if two statements are contradictory, at least one of them is false. The biblical contradictions therefore prove that the book has many false statements and is not infallible. How might we prove that God is imaginary? One way would be to find a contradiction between the definition of God and the God we experience in the real world. What would happen if we get down on our knees and pray to God in this way: Dear God, almighty, all-powerful, all-loving creator of the universe, we pray to you to cure every case of cancer on this planet tonight. We pray in faith, knowing you will bless us as you describe in Matthew 7:7, Matthew 17:20, Matthew 21:21, Mark 11:24, John 14:12-14, Matthew 18:19 and James 5:15-16. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen. We pray sincerely, knowing that when God answers this completely heartfelt, unselfish, non-materialistic prayer, it will glorify God and help millions of people in remarkable ways. Will anything happen? No. Of course not.
LordDeathera says2016-07-14T06:03:45.0992469Z
@Maslow He'll probably say that God gave us Cancer to punish as for our sins or some other bullshit, you watch.
maslow says2016-08-08T20:20:05.3669129Z
HarryTruman: Strawman fallacy is You misrepresented someone's argument to make it easier to attack. No one has done that. You might peruse you fallacies before trying to impress us with your Latin again.
BaxterDebate says2016-08-09T10:56:29.3223596Z
@Maslow; that is a cute little prayer, but by your own logic this prayer would not work. You (Maslow) cannot pray sincerely to a God you do not believe exists and from a Christian stand point, you can’t hope to ever reach him without first coming to repentance and bridging the gap between you and him (Christians accomplish this through the finished work of Jesus Christ). As for why God does not mass heal millions of people from cancer, why not stop to ask: why does cancer exists? Who would actually get credit if the world (and all of its religions {Agnostic and Atheists included}) were healed? What about the individual’s right to free will and consequence? And of course “Be it unto you according to your faith.” Matt 9:29. God is not a Genie who offers wishes without limitations. He is a Father who knows what is best for his children. Some times that means he will say no; who are you to say he does not exist when he slaps your hand and says as such. Any Christian can tell you that when you ask it must be in accordance with his Will (1 John 5:14); not just for you but for the millions of people that would be affected and the generations after that. We have the technology and resources (Powerball jackpots of 1.6b, mega million jackpots of 600+ m) to solve world hunger, inequality, etc etc etc so why don’t we do it ourselves if there is no god? The existence of God will never be proven to those who chose what evidence constitutes as legitimate proof.
BaxterDebate says2016-08-09T10:58:39.9124709Z
@LordDeathera; I could go into all of the prophecies in length, the quick notes are as follows. Isaiah, Ezekiel, and a number of other major and minor prophets are prophesying about events that will come when the lord returns (Study the book of Revelation). Smaller events take place in history that foreshadow what will take place in the future, the key to understanding is found in the language and symbols used. Just as a side note regarding the fall of cities and kingdoms, you weren’t there, and neither was I. All we have are the writings and archaeology. The archaeology is subject to people’s interpretation of what they find or don’t find. This can be misconstrued and misinterpreted to fall in line with what the finder wants to believe happened. The writings are historical accounts based on those who wrote them. If my homeland was decimated and my people scattered, I wouldn’t be too quick to publish that once I took back power. It’s not like America hasn’t scratched some stuff off of the official records right? And just as food for thought, what would future generations think about our society if all they found was hard drives full of Tumbler Social Justice Warriors and bedroom political youtubers?
JcMagic2015 says2016-08-12T22:39:22.2722200Z
I feel this debate needs to happen in two stages and is constantly de-railed because of this. I think the proper flow is first to establish the credence of the statement "An intelligence created the universe". If the opposing party cannot agree with this, there is not reason to further the who/what that intelligence is debate. There are many things in modern science, which to me, point to the evidence of this intelligence. For example, irreducibly complex machines required for life, the "fine-tunedness" of the physical constants of our universe, and many others.

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