Is There Anything Wrong, Morally, About Homosexuality?

Posted by: Richardsonalj

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  • There Is Everything Wrong With Homosexuality in Morality

  • There Is Nothing Wrong With Homosexuality

34% 17 votes
66% 33 votes
  • I do believe that homosexuality is wrong, but I do have some arguments that lands me in a gray area. First of all, the Bible says that only homosexual ACTS are sinful. The feeling of homosexuality is ok, as long as you resist that. I also tend to stay open minded with the LGBT community. I have lesbian neighbors, and they are nice people, and they are cool in my book. So basically, I don't support the concept of homosexuality but I am open minded and friendly towards people of those sexualities.

    Posted by: Jimbus
  • Duh! and Texas14: Its natural. SO?

  • Morality being subjective. Then for some being gay is wrong, for others not being gay is wrong. (I chose this side cuz there were much less people over here and I am antisocial)

  • Jimbus is correct. Homosexual acts are immoral. I'm not saying the government should do anything about it, as since it doesn't hurt anyone else, it should be legal. Government shouldn't be involved in marriage, anyways. A lot of immoral things are legal, and they're legal because something that doesn't hurt someone else should still be legal even if it hurts no one.

  • It is defiling the body. It is not how people are born, it is then own will and lust-immoral evil iniquity including vanity - therefore abominable.

  • The pride part in "Gay Pride" for one. Another would be the concept of having sex solely for pleasure, which of course is self centered and morally wrong. I understand hetero couples do it for pleasure also ... but there is always that underlying reality that procreation can come of it. Gay relationships don't have that, so you cant even give them the benefit of the doubt about where their intentions lie.

  • Gay people are proudly living in Un-natural sin because they choose to, however, it doesn't make it right. Just because something looks good, feels good, and has tempting measures, doesn't mean that it is good for yourself, society, or anyone else. The actual root of this agenda is a self-righteous, care-free, and defiant nature that has only one destination due to lack of repentance. That is "Hell". Anyone who practices in ANY sin "proudly" without acknowledging and confessing that it is wrong and that they need a savior to redeem them of / from it is condemned to the lake of fire - Period!! It is just that simple!! People need to wake up!! Get out of this trans-state of mind!! Seriously, it is not that difficult to see plainly that homosexuality is simply defying what God ordained to be the standard. Men and Women / Man and Wife / Boys and Girls were naturally made so that the 2 could come together as one. Naturally by God, Men and Women can properly do things together to make a family beautiful and proportionately balanced. Men and Women together can provide a boy or girl an equal balance to grow up and become a complete understanding individual. Having 2 people of the same sex having children: #1. Can't naturally have children. - Forced by either adoption or Science. #2. Confuses the child of natural conception and identity. #3. Doesn't provide the child a healthy balance of instruction/direction. (hence: men should provide male direction, and women should provide women direction) to balance girls into women and boys into men. #4. Again, just because you can have a SameSex family doesn't mean you should. (Defiant towards the norm.). It overall (with homosexuals) spells out, I don't care about anybody and I can do what I want to do. However, they are affecting society and hurting children when they put them in that predicament. It is just flat out wrong!! Another sad fact that is kept under-wraps is that Homosexuality has a LARGE/Huge turnover for diseases and STD's that NO-ONE illustrates or talks about. The amount of young adults and mid-aged people dying of STD's is growing rapidly due to homosexual activity. They are KEEPING ALL KNOWN major issues OUT of the public and news so that the Agenda and LGBT movement is not tarnished. They will keep trying to DECEIVE many and FOOL America to believe that Homosexuality is beautiful and Equal to a Heterosexual lifestyle. The "Love is Love" message is nothing more than a statement that is trying to "SUBLIMINALLY" change your mind towards Knowing the TRUTH!! Do you want to know what the Truth is?? Are you sure?? It's rather simple. "YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED!!" Homosexuality is a mere conscious choice towards a perverted sexual attraction towards the same sex (men/men - women/women)to simply defy the natural attraction and relations that exists between a man and a woman. There ya go!! Guys, are you serious!! Is it that hard??


  • Pursuit of Happiness!! Whatever makes people happy!

    Posted by: SB1359
  • It's natural

  • It doesn't hurt anyone.

  • I would not be a homosexual myself, but I have no qualms with others being one. It is their life to do with as they please.

  • Not directly. Homosexuality and homosexual acts in themselves are fine. Your genitalia. Put it where you want it. As long as whoever is receiving it consents, more power to ya. However, a case could be made for it being *indirectly* immoral, because it spreads AIDS and whatnot. It's a fact that gay men in particular are much more likely to get and spread AIDS than anyone else. But yeah, directly-speaking, it's fine.

  • Actually, it is good. Since population is rising, Gays are good. More people should be gay

    Posted by: basils
  • America has a little thing called RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Don't throw Bible quotes at me because not everyone has to believe in it. I believe in marriage equality because people deserve happiness and the same rights as anyone else. Marriage is a basic right and we can't say we are the land of the free if we are denying basic rights to people just because they are different.

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Haroush says2015-08-24T01:08:02.8592558Z
No, it is not natural. @ Texas ( You are definitely not a Texan)
Haroush says2015-08-24T01:31:10.7744685Z
Homosexuality goes against the grain of humans natural being.
Varrack says2015-08-24T02:21:18.0323757Z
@Haroush - homosexuality exists in many animal species. You're judging what is "natural" based on the majority of the populous, but that would be a little ridiculous since many people don't identify as straight.
58539672 says2015-08-24T03:44:32.7032409Z
Depends largely on your morals.
shalal12 says2015-08-24T09:30:31.5343250Z
Americans are ruining their own society!!!!! Family foundations are being destroyed! You prefer silence toward this danger, showing off that you are open minded?! Don't you care for your society and the children of the future?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T14:30:05.7118190Z
Yeah ... You have to believe that morality even exists before you could answer whether or not something is wrong with homosexuality morally.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T14:30:36.3796496Z
Hence why they wouldnt know what was wrong about it one way or the other.
Haroush says2015-08-25T22:21:08.6493544Z
Homosexuality doesn't exist in many animal species. Taking pictures of animals that are claiming dominance is not the same thing as homosexuality. The same goes for prisoners who rape other prisoners. It's about dominance, not sexuality.
tajshar2k says2015-08-25T22:23:34.4634891Z
Shalal12, Derrick the Drone forgot to hit a spot.
Haroush says2015-08-25T22:23:50.5471922Z
Just the gesture of what you said @ Varrack proves homosexuality is about hypersensitive sexual motivations and not natural causes.
tajshar2k says2015-08-25T22:24:57.9240241Z
Haroush even if it isn't natural it doesn't mean its wrong.
Midnight1131 says2015-08-25T22:25:33.3674513Z
Eyeglasses aren't natural, therefore they're morally wrong, and we shouldn't wear them.
tajshar2k says2015-08-25T22:27:01.6796174Z
Please keep your pathetic mouth shut, and don't try to police our way of life. There's a reason why we are successful and you country isn't. When you stick to medieval dogma and try to enforce on everybody else..
Haroush says2015-08-25T22:27:11.2268786Z
@Shalal, MOST Americans are ruining their own society, not all.
Midnight1131 says2015-08-25T22:28:33.5486063Z
@Shalal, let's look at other countries that've legalized gay marriage. Canada for example, has been doing just fine since 2005.
Emilrose says2015-08-25T22:29:49.6770943Z
Lol @Hetrodox.
Varrack says2015-08-25T22:31:57.3986862Z
@Haroush - hypersensitive? What are you talking about?
Haroush says2015-08-25T22:35:13.7379716Z
@Taj, What makes it wrong is when they begin telling lies to society how homosexuality is natural along with many other false claims. It is the same thing as promoting homosexuality and I am not for that.
Midnight1131 says2015-08-25T22:36:00.8970739Z
Furthered research into homosexuality = promotion?
Midnight1131 says2015-08-25T22:38:27.2728122Z
You realize it's still unknown whether or not homosexuals are definitely born that way , that's why there's still research going on to decide whether or not it's natural. There's always been research coming out about it, and some of the more recent stuff does point to homosexuality being dictated by genetics.
Haroush says2015-08-25T22:41:51.8213234Z
You mean lobbyist getting paid to tell lies equals promotion? Yes. @ Midnight / Hypersensitive sexual motivations means exactly what it says.
Haroush says2015-08-25T22:42:04.2858033Z
stargate says2015-08-25T22:42:24.0511538Z
It is just not right.
stargate says2015-08-25T22:42:52.7402894Z
Midnight1131 says2015-08-25T22:47:21.5606371Z
Haroush, so you're saying scientists that publish research that you disagree with are paid lobbyists? You'll have to give some pretty good evidence for anyone to take you seriously right now.
Haroush says2015-08-25T22:48:21.9330241Z
@Shalal, I understand exactly what you are talking. You shouldn't even have to be religious to understand natural social standards should always remain in place as it has to do with humans natural make up. Furthermore @ Midnight, genetics can also have defects which can result from choices being made from one generation to the next.
Midnight1131 says2015-08-25T22:50:50.0715737Z
What would you call a genetic defect Haroush?
Haroush says2015-08-25T22:54:46.3506883Z
For example, Alcoholism can run in your genetics, not because of your genes, but because of your parents choices to use and abuse alcohol making you more likely to drink alcohol excessively. If someone is an alcoholic and has a child, the child runs a higher risk of becoming an alcoholic because there is chemical reactions within your body which takes place in which effects the genetic make- up of the baby because of the sperm or egg's DNA properties.
Midnight1131 says2015-08-25T22:56:32.8525710Z
Haroush. Ok, but what activity do you think causes a "genetic defect" in babies so that they grow up to be homosexual?
Haroush says2015-08-25T23:09:55.0409132Z
It could be because of sexual molestation as a baby or perhaps, improperly balanced hormones. It could even be because of a father who lacks confidence and doesn't give the perception to the child as a supportive, tough-loving, dad who would never give up on their child. Or it could be because little to no presence of a father figure. Let's face it, there are more single mothers raising kids versus single fathers raising kids. Why? Many fathers out there don't have what it takes to be a father. They lack the patience, passion, love, toughness, and resilience a father is suppose to have for their child.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-27T15:55:05.0405030Z
Hmm ... Are you painting a link between the justice system favoring mothers over fathers and the rise of homosexuality? That is interesting. I hadn't thought about that. They do correlate don't they.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-27T16:00:06.5620940Z
And ofcourse perfectly fine straight couples have them too ... But it could be due to outside influences that cause these behavioral changes. It doesn't all have to derive from ones genes. Society just promotes people to act out on what they feel. It has more of a contributing role to homosexuality than genes do.
Haroush says2015-08-30T01:47:50.9693296Z
So you think this correlation is interesting.. Take a look at the radical movement age of the Civil Rights era (Feminist movements, equality movements, and hippie movements) and look at the generation trade-off. It times in perfectly with the surge in homosexuality around 2008. If you think this is a far off idea, just watch videos about cultural Marxism and the social movements influenced by it.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-31T15:49:34.1590557Z
Yes, but youd be hard pressed to correlate those things to any liberal out there. Theyd tell you there were other factors involved and that civil rights movements just brought forth something that was already prevalent in society ... Just not talked about. I think really all this comes down to is further proof that it is choice based. Because there may be some inkling in a person to make them lean that way ... But never choosing to bring it to fruition made them live a perfectly fine straight life. No one out there has been identified as gay based on their genes or anything chemically in their brains etc. They have always always been identified based on what they say about themselves, which is ofcourse untrustworthy and unreliable if youre trying to identify someone for something predetermined. Thats why they are nothing like the plights that people of different skin color or different ethnicities or people with physical or mental disabilities are. They are basically self diagnosing based on convenience. Convenience that civil rights eras brought about. That affirmative action has brought about.

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