Is there life on Kepler 452B?

Posted by: Kreakin

  • Yes, I think we would find life their.

  • No, I think we wouldn't find life their.

75% 9 votes
25% 3 votes
  • It looks habitable

  • If it's similar to Earth, which obviously has life on it, then there's a really good chance there could be life on Kepler. To deny it instantly would be pretty ridiculous.

  • Is there moon(s) to stabilize it? Because calmer weather equals a stronger foothold for complex life.

    Posted by: reece
  • Most Earth Like planet to date, Plus it has been around longer so who knows

  • If there was a maybe option, I would have picked that. But since there isn't, I'm going to say yes. Some facts about kepler452b: Kepler452b is the only planet discovered so far that is orbits its star at the same distance that earth orbits its star. Scientists use an equation called earth similarity index to calculate how similar other planets are to earth. Kepler452b has an earth similarity index of 0.83. Therefore it is very similar to earth. A planet that is similar to earth has a higher chance of having life. So Kepler452b must have life. From these facts it's clear that there is a high probability that there are living organisms on kepler452b.

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triangle.128k says2015-07-23T12:11:30.4835032-05:00
Kreakin says2015-07-23T17:33:50.7257195-05:00
Oh yeah, missed that in the edit..
Kreakin says2015-07-23T17:34:30.3690821-05:00
You gonna vote?
stargate says2015-07-23T18:37:15.7509230-05:00
Well time to prepare to colonize that planet.
Kehre1 says2015-07-27T08:59:37.0883456-05:00
Well yea, earth is boring and I want to go to a more exotic planet, I better start building let muscles cause there is more gravity on Kepler

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