Is there such thing as a Fact?

Posted by: SnaxAttack

This got me thinking, what made something a fact? My most likely answer is an opinion because everything was an opinion, before a fact. Like this for example, who said the sky was blue? Someones opinion on the sky being blue, instead of calling blue purple. Nowadays, we know for a fact that the sky is blue. Or was it just a fact in the past? I don't know, what is your guys "opinion" (unintentional) thought on this. Is there such thing as a fact, or are there only opinions?

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Teaparty1 says2015-07-28T20:57:01.1219920-05:00
There is no true fact. Is that a fact?
SnaxAttack says2015-07-28T21:10:11.4018880-05:00
Depends on how you look at it
idoubtit says2015-07-29T19:25:04.5540567-05:00
This isn't "I think, therefore I am". Simply relaying exactly why I voted as I did, exactly what was in my mind.
Mister_Man says2015-07-30T22:24:14.1392373Z
"There are 9 votes for yes, and 1 vote for no, as of July 30th, 2015 3:24PST" - that is a fact. There are such things as facts :)
SnaxAttack says2015-07-30T22:43:55.7614098Z
But who decided to make the number 9?
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T01:16:35.9552208Z
You mean who came up with the number system or which nine people voted for yes?
SnaxAttack says2015-07-31T01:22:24.7164657Z
Who came up with the number system?
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T01:29:46.0793056Z
Ancient Indians I believe. Okay I could say there are more people who voted yes than no, and that's a fact ;)
SnaxAttack says2015-07-31T01:32:13.9870584Z
I agree in modern times that is a fact, but back then; who made it a fact? If you said Indians made the number nine, I'll buy it, but then how did they come to conclusion that the number nine will be "nine"? My thought is it started as an opinion on calling the number "nine", which later became a modern fact.
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T01:51:14.8708069Z
Either way, you just said it is a fact, meaning facts exist. I wouldn't say that it was an "opinion" before a fact, as it just caught on and stuck with everyone. Nonetheless, more people voted "yes" than "no" on this debate, and that is a fact, so facts do exist. Doesn't matter how they came to be, they exist.
SnaxAttack says2015-07-31T01:52:19.8924252Z
Facts do exist now, but what about back then? Everything back then was more of an opinion, than a fact.
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T01:55:19.0159781Z
How about "the sun is bright" lol. If you dig deeper and more philosophical, then maybe you could have a point, but there have always been basic facts. "The Earth is round" has always been true as long as man has been alive. "Water is wet" has always been true, even before man could say so. There have always been basic facts.
SnaxAttack says2015-07-31T02:05:06.2605580Z
I admit that I am overthinking it, but I'll have some fun with the statements you have made. When you want this to end, just say "I'm done" and we call it good. "The Sun is Bright", who doesn't say that back then no one ever looked at the sun. They could've just assumed it wasn't bright at all, and took that opinion as a fact; and then looked at it and learned that it is bright. The opinion shaped the fact. "The Earth is Round", we must remember that before Christopher Columbus discovered North America, many assumed the Earth was flat. They made an opinion on it being flat, that later, to them, became a fact; until he gave the opinion that it was not flat, but round. That opinion later became a fact. "Water is Wet", but who decided that the word "wet" would be symbolizing water? It could have easily been said that "wet" could have meant "dry".
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T02:12:21.0565588Z
Haha sounds good to me. The thing about the Sun is that it burns our eyes when we look at it. So for someone to look at the sun and be in physical pain due to the immense brightness... Would lead us to believe the sun is bright. Regarding the rest, I think we may be thinking different things. When I say something is a fact, I don't mean a human has to witness it and vocalize what is happening for it to be a fact, I'm simply saying it has to exist. Whether or not Columbus said it was flat or round was HIS opinion - the Earth was still round, which was a fact, but whoever said it was flat was just wrong. I agree that humans have stated some "facts" which have turned out to be untrue or different than what they claimed, but that doesn't take away from the actual thing being true or not. If I said "water is purple," and if every single person on Earth agreed that it is purple, it is still clear, which is a fact. We don't need humans to vocalize what they observe in order for that thing to be a fact.
SnaxAttack says2015-07-31T02:17:43.7480415Z
Technically, one has to visualize or record what is a fact. How do we learn within society? We learn from experience, and what others tell us; even if we do not agree with them all the time. The situation you brought up is "Water being Purple" could have been what the color blue could've been. That was someones opinion on it being called that, and looking like that, which later became a "fact" that everyone knows.
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T03:33:00.6490606Z
I guess with human invented words used to describe something, it gets kind of tricky. It feels like it all boils down to semantics in the end. If we agree that for a fact to exist, one must record it somehow, visually, most likely, then it would be difficult to say if facts actually do exist, taking into consideration our grasp on the English language. However that's a lot of semantics and other stuff. "The Earth is bigger than us" is a fact, and however it's conveyed, and whether or not people believe it or are able to understand it, it's still a fact.
SnaxAttack says2015-07-31T03:41:26.2832818Z
I agree that its a lot to take in if we break it down even further. Do we have anything else we need to ask or address?
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T05:01:32.6698738Z
Haha I don't think so. Maybe we came to the conclusion that if we break every single thing down then there is no definitive answer to anything? I don't know, something along those lines. I'm tired too lol
SnaxAttack says2015-07-31T14:29:34.8002714Z

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