Is this civilation the best it can be?

Posted by: Dr.Whatif

Education politics technologies the way we wake up and walk around are you okay with it or does it seem to be in its infancy

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No, there is a better way

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Yes, I am fine with it

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That1User says2014-11-26T02:25:46.5404530-06:00
Civilization seems to be the best it has been than ever before. I however think civilization can be better. Speaking of Civilization...
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-26T12:35:07.5545276-06:00
I'll one up that. ^
Dr.Whatif says2014-11-26T13:48:07.3990791-06:00
Just as I suspected, people do want better.
That1User says2014-11-26T14:09:09.2207820-06:00
If every nation state and everyone adopted and followed this document we'd be golden:

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