Is this generation dumber then previous ones?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

Theres a fb video going around of college being interviewed who can't even answer simple questions like who won the civil war?

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dietorangesoda says2016-02-05T08:18:53.1901608Z
Sorry college *kids this stupid site gave me a lot of trouble posting this
Wylted says2016-02-05T08:24:39.2508122Z
The South won the civil war, and yes kids are stupid. Look at the wisdom of Ben Franklin at 16 in his writings, now look at the average idiot on this site.
dietorangesoda says2016-02-05T10:08:10.1342253Z
The north actually won or were u being sarcastic?
Lunette says2016-02-05T14:11:28.7790038Z
Ok Wylted while it's true that there are some not very bright people in this world it's very rude to assume that the majority of those people are kids. I happen to know some very intelligent kids thank you very much!
Wylted says2016-02-05T15:51:30.0502819Z
Funny, but the South won. No, kids are stupid. Show me one 16 year old that is as wise as Ben Franklin, and keep in mind Franklin was an average 16 year old.
minddrag says2016-02-05T18:09:53.4723847Z
I am of this generation and I would like to just post this one comment, that the intelligence of the human race has not declined with this generation, the exposure of the stupid people in the race has just risen.
dietorangesoda says2016-02-05T18:10:02.7131592Z
How do you figure the south won?
minddrag says2016-02-05T18:10:18.2508588Z
I am of this generation and I would like to just post this one comment, that the intelligence of the human race has not declined with this generation, the exposure of the stupid people in the race has just risen.
shockz says2016-02-05T20:08:22.6339015Z
Wylted i have a few first is William Rowan Hamilton who knew 13 languages when he was 16 however as you are quite a jerk you might say "yeah but hes not smart" so i will add another William James Sidis the smartest man in the world but not really you see his brain size was below average and his i.Q was incredibly low. However at age 8 he developed a new logarithm table based on the number 12 and gave a lecture at Harvard University a year later. And even before that Sidis had taught himself to read and shortly thereafter, became fluent in eight languages and wrote four original works of his own by the age of seven. The next is kim ung-yong At the age of three, Kim Ung-Yong began taking courses as a guest physics student at Hanyang University in South Korea. By the age of eight, he was invited by NASA to study in the United States. And lastly the north won the civil war and to prove it here is a list The North's superior resources made the outcome inevitable. Given all the resources the North possessed — financial, economic, manpower — it would seem inevitable that after all these resources were harnessed, the South could not win the war. The North had a coherent strategy (The Anaconda Plan). From the very beginning of the war, the Union strategy was sound — blockade the South while controlling the Mississippi and drive on the Confederate capital of Richmond. Although it took four years to organize, it was the strategy that won the war. Lincoln and Grant collaborated well. After Lincoln found a general capable of carrying out the Union's determined strategy, Lincoln and Grant worked closely together to ensure that the military objectives of the war corresponded with the political objectives of the war. In fact, Lincoln held a meeting with Grant and Sherman just a few weeks prior to the end of the war to outline their final strategy, including post-war plans. Knowing the President's intentions allowed Grant and Sherman to use the military means necessary to achieve them. The moral power of fighting for human freedom empowered the North. Lincoln changed the entire nature of the conflict by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. Without it, the war had no true goal. By proclaiming that the war was now one for human freedom, the North gained a moral power that prevented European intervention on behalf of the Confederacy and doomed the South's cause. And here are the reasons the south lost The South ran out of time. As long as the South could keep the North at bay, either through military stalemate or a collapse of Northern national willpower, it could win the war, regardless of the North's superior resources. It was very close, but the North stayed the course. And here are the reasons why the south lost States' rights prevented unification of the South. The very issue that created the Confederacy helped to destroy it. Individual state governors fought bitterly with Jefferson Davis to prevent him from consolidating power to fight the war. They withheld troops and supplies while the Confederate Congress spent its time arguing over the prerogatives of the states instead of prosecuting a war of national survival. Jefferson Davis and his generals failed to work together. Davis wanted to be a general, not president. He never gave up trying to be a general in the area of strategy and selection of generals to lead his armies. Davis loved to interfere in issues of strategy, giving directions to his generals without ever giving them the means to accomplish his objectives. He made terrible choices for senior commanders, often selecting men based on personal preference rather than qualifications. He stubbornly supported his favorites, even at the expense of overall benefits for the Confederacy. The South failed to gain the recognition of the European nations. King Cottondiplomacy was meant to be a dagger pointed at the economic heart of Europe. Instead, it was a knife laid against the South's own throat. By purposely withholding cotton from European markets in the crucial first two years of the war, the South ruined its chances to win European support. Additionally, the South never clearly articulated its cause to Europe. Its clumsy defense of slavery and key military defeats at the wrong time doomed all hopes of diplomatic recognition. One more explanation for the Southern defeat came from a Confederate veteran: "We just wore ourselves out whippin' Yankees!"
shockz says2016-02-05T23:58:34.1642851Z
Im 19 and i wrote that myself( i may not be 16 but im only 3 years off!)
TheGodson says2016-02-06T14:08:51.8083901Z
Sorry Shockz, that was too much too read. Please use paragraphs. Ouchie mee eyes. I'm very intelligent by the way guys and I'm 22 and not a kid. Although when I was 14 I was a kid and probably just as smart, but just less experienced in life. :D The generation today is more stupid though, because they are obsessed about political correctness. Nobody thinks for themselves anymore, because social media thinks for them and they blindly follow along. People don't stand up for what they believe in because they are afraid of offending people. The only time people do stand up for something is when they already know everyone else already believes in it. Sheeple. Sheep + people = sheeple. That is what we are becoming as a society. It doesn't help that we have nutritional articles that are completely based on opinion. BS internet pages fill people's minds with false information. If you read something you can't always trust for it to be true, because it could have been written by anyone. We have mind altering pharmaceuticals that are advertised on TV. While scientists are smart they can't possibly understand all the side effects these could have on people. Maybe the shit that is put in our processed food is making us stupid. Who knows. All of it is just to make money for the sellers anyway. They couldn't care less. For example: Is global warming real?? I have no clue, because if I look it up on the internet I get two answers. 1) Yes, we release chemicals in the air that heat up the planet. 2) No, Al gore invented it to get attention. So how can I get the answer to this? Maybe no one knows, but I'd rather scientists come out and say we don't know the answer then just hear a bunch of opinions. I guess we are becoming more knowledgeable due to technology and access to information. However, we are not being productive with this knowledge. Smarts actually is hereditary so we are pretty much the same. So my vote for people today in more correct terms is: We are more knowledgeable, we are less wise, but same in terms of intelligence.
shockz says2016-02-06T15:40:13.0335814Z
Nah its okay i just wanted to prove that were not complete idiots
Sunrae117 says2016-02-09T15:37:26.8636131Z
Its only a matter of perception. This generation isn't dumb, but I guarantee that during the next generation we will think the same thing as we do now.
Carolean_Karl says2016-02-09T19:14:02.6133231Z
@moonontheluna Well, that's kind of true. Today students have access to more information than ever before, they literally have the world at their fingertips. But along with an increase in accessibility to knowledge there is also an increase in accessibility to distractions, so the next generation will probably be about as smart, accounting for the amount of time spent on distractions (games, social media, etc.).
ho11yw00d says2016-02-09T19:30:10.6931287Z
This is a stupid poll. All the kids will vote, NO. The average user age on this site is 20.
reece says2016-02-10T11:16:51.7788011Z
@ho11yw00d “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” - Socrates. Just saying... Because you're an extreme conservative and your username is "ho11yw00d." I wouldn't be surprised if you support Trump.
reece says2016-02-10T11:26:10.1999807Z
@ho11yw00d You're also probably a self-proclaimed devout christian, which completely contradicts many of your stances.
reece says2016-02-10T11:34:21.8839325Z
Even though the bible is a contradiction on itself.
Fernyx says2016-02-11T15:25:43.9391256Z
No, there is just an increased population breeding more stupid kids. They are the same stupid kids, there are just more of them, but with this there are more smart kids. Unfortunately the government listens to the stupid kids more than the smart and common core restricts them from reaching their potential.
briantheliberal says2016-02-13T04:44:05.9800651Z
Dumber? Not necessarily. More shallow, lazier, less compassionate? Yes.

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