Is this ruling a harsh enough sentence for this case? (Read description)

Posted by: Mister_Man

36-year-old woman has sex with 12-year-old boy, and recieves three and a half years of prison time -

  • Yes

  • No

31% 4 votes
69% 9 votes
  • It seems inline to me. Is this some MAN group problem?

    Posted by: TBR
  • Three and a half years is not enough for a woman who had sex with a 12 year old boy. At least raise it to 7 or 8 years for the crime.

  • I agree with Snax. I don't think it's enough time for this crime.. Three and a half years for having sex with a 12 year old boy... Women should get equal sentences as the men who sleep with underage girls. It isn't right either way, and it isn't better just because it was a woman who did the crime.

    Posted by: Oppose
  • Should be on par with a guy doing the same.

  • The woman should serve more time, but not as much as men should. It shouldn't be on par with men because men are taking advantage of their strength when they do this.

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benhos says2015-07-29T14:32:19.9705923Z
Was it mutual?
reece says2015-07-29T10:03:31.1293039-05:00
@benhos More than likely.
Mister_Man says2015-07-30T22:03:47.8465765Z
"It shouldn't be on par with men because men are taking advantage of their strength when they do this." - Are you implying that because someone is naturally stronger than another, they should serve more time in jail because there was less chance of the victim escaping? Blasphemy!
SnaxAttack says2015-07-30T22:06:03.6193789Z
@Mister_Man Well, why did the woman do the crime to an innocent weakling boy in the first place?
Mister_Man says2015-07-30T22:20:52.4611445Z
Well in my eyes this isn't even that horrible of a thing. The boy was obviously consenting (inb4 underage can't consent) and it didn't appear it was rape or violent abuse or sexual abuse at all. Either way, she developed feelings for him because that's who she is - someone who developed feelings for someone younger than the legal age. So I don't believe engaging in consensual sex with a minor is equivalent to rape at all.
SnaxAttack says2015-07-30T23:23:52.3802448Z
@Mister_Man How do you know the boy was consenting in the first place? In the article, it stated that she had feelings for him; not the boy saying "I love her". It is true the boy could've prevented the sex to happen, but how do you know if the boy knew this was wrong? He probably thought about not telling his parents, because he didn't want to get them involved and was to afraid to let them know. Based on this idea, and yours, its hard to determine if the boy consented or not. No matter what, it was wrong of the woman to force sexual intercourse in the first place to the boy; and deserves to be punished.
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T01:12:32.3082527Z
Most people are against sex with a minor. The writers of these articles obviously are as well, and will paint the woman in a negative light. They aren't going to say "consenting boy and woman engage in sex," as that wouldn't go with the narrative (and law) that sex with someone under 18 is bad. So of course the media isn't going to paint the woman in a positive light. However with that being said, you're right about the possibility that the woman took advantage of the boy's young age to coerce him into doing something he doesn't want to do. However with THAT being said, when I was 12, I would have loved to have sex with an older woman. I would have happily consented and found absolutely nothing wrong with it. Also, nobody said the woman forced anything on to him. They had sex more than 20 times, giving the impression that the boy was okay with it, as he was going back for more. And if he WASN'T going back for more, he could have just as easily not gone to her house anymore. It's easy enough to give reasons as to why or why not this was consensual, but the main question is WHY is it such a bad thing to have sex with a consenting minor? Even if the boy was 100% consenting and even initiated everything, the woman would still go to jail. When I was 12, just before high school or sometimes starting high school, I would have been completely fine doing something like this. To demonize the woman and paint her as some horrible rapist (as this is technically statutory rape) because her and somebody much younger than her had sex, is, in my eyes, kind of ridiculous. It should depend on how mature the younger person is.
SnaxAttack says2015-07-31T01:26:11.9813286Z
I agree in that sense, but it still is wrong to have an adult have sex with a young child. 16 years old is fine, but anything younger is just horrid. A kid is suppose to be a kid, not have adult like habits like sex. You can have puberty come in and believe its fine, but it isn't. The penalty for her crime is just enough, or should even be more years because of messing a child's life.
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T01:48:38.6024006Z
Why is that horrid? Why is it not okay? What's so bad about a younger person acting like an older person?

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