Is this ruling reasonable? (Read description)

Posted by: Mister_Man

22 year old man sentenced to ten years prison, five years probation, for having sex with a 14 or 15 year old girl -

  • Yes

  • No

71% 10 votes
29% 4 votes
  • This man had sex with a minor. That itself is a crime. He could have also committed rape towards her as he most likely did not ask for her consent. This is a serious crime and can affect the child's mental health and future.

  • He knew what he was doing, be prepared to face the consequences.

  • Underage is statutory rape of a minor, a child can not give consent.

  • He is subject to the appropriate penalties because the girl couldn't have been a consenting adult. Even if she was consenting, she wasn't an adult. Yeah, the penalty is appropriate.

  • Let me speak from someone who is 15, There is a difference between rape and assumption of rape just because she was under the age of consent. I think if i wanted to date a 22 year old woman i should be able to, I don't want to but i can clearly make a rational consent choice if i so wish, Now if this woman legitimately rapes me than i think this sentence should be applied. But i need to see the details if the teenager says she wasn't threatened in this sex that is was just between him and her then i don't see a problem with it.

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TBR says2015-07-28T21:56:16.4288521-05:00
OK, You are a "Man group guy" all the way. The details of the case are not very well spelled out in this case, and the sentence greater than the average. It is reasonable to assume that there is more to the case, and you are picking them out for effect. Regardless, I ask, what is at the heart of your questioning? Do you think there is a "double standard"?
TBR says2015-07-28T22:21:42.9980923-05:00
I think there is a fair argument to be had that sentencing problems exist in ALL sexual crimes. This idea that women are getting off easy disgusts me. Not because they may not, but because it is a dodge for the problem of rape. Its like saying ~"see look. Women do it TOO.." Grow the f**k up.
Mister_Man says2015-07-28T22:24:47.5820817-05:00
I actually made the first poll because I simply wanted to see what people thought about it. I was just reading through Yahoo at work and stumbled upon the article. Then I decided to see what men get for sex with underage girls, and I found it's incredibly different. I do think there is a double standard, mostly with society, not so much the laws, however there are still benefits women get with certain laws and punishments. Practically the exact same scenario here - - and the woman receives SIX MONTHS jail time. There are plenty of other examples, and although it's relatively equal, it's pretty obvious there is a noticeable difference between men and women being sentenced for the same type of crime.
Mister_Man says2015-07-28T22:40:14.2862538-05:00
Sexual crimes are much different than other forms of crime. I'm not saying "see look, women do it too," I'm pointing out differences in sentences between males and females for the same type of crime. Rape is incredibly hard to prove, just like any type of unwanted sexual contact - it turns into a "he said, she said" debate, and without facts, it's hard to convict someone. Although feminists are trying to change the laws into guilty until proven innocent (specifically for rape cases), there's no way we can completely change our morals and laws to simply lock up anyone that has simply been accused of committing a crime.
TBR says2015-07-29T04:27:58.3465340Z
@Mister_Man - I soooo don't care how hypocritical this sounds, I just am going to say it. Men raping women is a much greater social problem than women raping men. Until a time comes where the two are equal, I don't give one rats a$$ that they are sentenced differently. The details of any of these cases could be dissected, and I think I would be FINE with the outcome.
Oppose says2015-07-29T07:22:51.1304415-05:00
I see your point. The woman who was 36 slept with a 12 year old and received six months, while the man who was 22 slept with a 14-15 year old girl and received 10 years + 5 years of probation. I don't think that is right at all. As I said on the previous poll, I believe both genders should be criminalized equally. It isn't right. There have been a number of female teachers getting less than a year in prison after sleeping with underage boys who have gotten less than two years. I totally get your point. Not all of them get away that easily but it is very common. Here is a list of 25 female teacher sex offenders : I also agree with TBR that it doesn't happen as often, and it isn't as big of a problem. I have been sexually assaulted over 28 times in my life by different men and almost raped three times. I'm still afraid of being by myself at night in a town or city and I most likely always will be.
TBR says2015-07-29T13:55:37.3626653-05:00
I think it was six years, right?
Mister_Man says2015-07-30T22:07:19.6023339Z
TBR - Come on man, I wanna stay your friend but it's hard when you say things like "men commit this crime more so they should receive a much harsher sentence than women who commit the same crime." That's just ridiculous. Aside from being hypocritical, it isn't fair or equal at all. That's like saying whites should be given less jail time than blacks (or vise versa) for crimes that one race commits more often. That's ridiculous and will do nothing but show how unequal the judicial system is. I obviously agree that men commit rape more than women, but to say we should imprison men for longer than women for the EXACT SAME CRIME because men do it more often is just absurd.
Mister_Man says2015-07-30T22:16:13.1725542Z
Thanks, Oppose, I'm glad we can see eye-to-eye on this. It's unfortunate that stuff like that happens to people, but it is incredibly hard to stop something like this from happening, Just like all types of crime, as well as finding ways to deter the criminal from committing the crime, we should also find ways to avoid bad situations. I've been mugged and assaulted before, and each time I could have done something to possibly avoid that situation. I'm not saying it is up to me to avoid bad people, but I'm saying it makes sense to go a little further to avoid possible bad situations.
Mister_Man says2015-07-31T22:09:14.6449054Z
AdventurerExplorer made an excellent point. A lot of people in their teenage (and even pre-teen) years are intelligent and mature enough to make informed decisions about stuff like this, and will not be mentally scarred for life. To make this illegal, given the amount of mature younger people nowadays, is kind of silly.

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