Is "To Kill a Mockingbird", and "To Set a Watchman", by Harper Lee, racist books?

Posted by: Richardsonalj

If you think it is, and should no longer be in America's literature education, please use text evidence that supports your thesis. If you think otherwise, read the comments of "They are racist," and please, reasonably and calmly, debate with them.

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  • Yes, The Books Are Racist

  • No, The Books Are Not Racist

10% 1 votes
90% 9 votes
    • They're not racist but they're stupid and should be removed out of the curriculum.

    • I honestly liked reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" and I didn't think the books were racist. These types of books are only being accused of being racist since they were accurate on how people during that time acted.

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    TBR says2015-12-22T16:59:35.2882020Z
    I'm not sure what you (or anyone) might be driving at. The point of the book is the education of Scout in how racism works. Yea, the story is centered around racism, and you could conclude that the book is about it, but it is not a "raciest book".
    TBR says2015-12-22T17:01:53.7529144Z
    I have not read "GO Set a Watchman", and don't think I will ever bother. As best I understand, the theme is about the same.
    Richardsonalj says2015-12-23T02:41:09.2226487Z
    Go set a Watchman is actually a great book, although it's sad that Scout is an adult, and everything has changed. They are good books, I just wished I knew everything that happened to Scout between To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman.
    dripht says2015-12-23T04:30:15.7481410Z
    I don't see how the books should be removed from curriculum. It shows the nodal point of racism during the Great Depression, and it's a great read with many hidden messages
    Richardsonalj says2015-12-24T05:42:09.1349440Z
    TBR, the same isn't exactly the same, it's more about accepting people, past their faults, and learning to deal with them. Racism is a big part of it, but To Kill a Mockingbird was more about learning about the world that we live in, and understanding different opinions, even if we don't like them.
    Richardsonalj says2015-12-24T05:44:58.8930558Z
    "The same isn't" = "they aren't". I must be really scatterbrained...
    videl says2016-01-26T03:42:18.0596956Z
    They don't preach racism, they display it.

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