Is today's generation the worst generation.

Posted by: komododragon8

Please provide sources to support your answers.

  • Yes

  • No

43% 6 votes
57% 8 votes
  • Our Generation is the worst, because we got all of these hippies and Emos, and also our generation spends its time on technology and are the most spoiled of its kind. Back then teens were scared of their lives in war, now teens commit suicide over bullying

  • Out of all the generations in the history of the world, how can you say ours is the worst? You know, wars used to be started just because some monarch (who claimed to speak for God a lot of the time) decided he wanted more land. Religion was seen as a legitimate reason to start a war and enact mass slaughters of people your religion disagreed with (even within a religion, see the 30yrs war). "Witches" were burned at the stake, rule of law was arbitrary and discriminatory, there was no chance for advancement from your parents' position in society, monarchs ruled with absolute power that nobody could question, and more!

  • its called evolution...we adapt to what is new and well, required. who knows...maybe hundreds of years ago, people were saying the same thing. but even though we are on our phones and other electronics a lot, we are connecting (sometimes) from places all around the world, and thats the stuff we couldnt do even 50 years ago. this generation definately has its pros and cons

  • There's been worse. Every generation is greeted with horrendous sayings and steroetypes.

  • Seeing where the current generation is going, I believe we'll stumble upon events that will be even worse in the upcoming generations. Still, our generation is still better than our past generations because of the increasingly rapid exchange of information (which can be both beneficial and harmful to society).

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briantheliberal says2015-05-20T17:25:25.1860077-05:00
Somehow worse than the generations that supported segregation, and war?
Unknown95 says2015-05-20T17:57:22.7411247-05:00
True that

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