• Yes

  • No

76% 41 votes
24% 13 votes
  • No real case against Trump, just a brick ton of noise.

  • He Hasn't and wont commit any crimes therefore Congress cannot impeach him.

    Posted by: Fletch
  • Though I am hopeful he does get impeached, he won't.

  • One thing i noticed when i looked at the arguments, is those who said "no" didn't give any real reason for him to be impeached. Essentially from what i read they said "I don't like the way he acts therefore he will be impeached." The problem is though, Trump was elected because of his personality. Trump got into office because of how he acts. Americans wanted someone who was "different". I'm not saying i like or dislike Trump, but you can't disagree with that. And for that reason Trump will more than likely stay in office.

  • A liberal sure can dream...

  • Unless he commits some sort of crime I don't see why he won't, albeit he could've been smarter on a number of issues.

  • Impeachment can only happen when a civil/criminal law has been broken by the president. The Senate and House must both agree in order for this to even be considered. He cannot be impeached simply for his politics.

    Posted by: ZJM
  • Of course! What a ridiculous question.

  • The people need him and he hasn't done anything in violation of the constitution.

  • I wish it were possible for Donald Trump to not last a full term, but I doubt he's going to do anything illegal. Also, he made it into the office and, unfortunately, he'll end up staying in the office.

  • Daddy

  • As much as I hate it, I dont see any reason why Trump will be impeached. (Even though there are millions of reasons that he is an idiot)

  • Even though President Trump doesn't represent the opinions of the majority of Americans, he will not be impeached. There's no evidence that he- personally -has had any ties with Russia, and there's no evidence of campaign meddling.

    Posted by: jvela
  • Yes, and he will also win in 2020, snowflakes -- you lose and you are in the extreme minuscule minority. Now cry!

  • If only, but no, that's just not how the world works

  • If Congress has any common sense left, Trump will be impeached before 2020. First he imposes a travel ban, then he bans transgenders from military service. Not to mention him tweeting his every insult! He is unfit to be a politican. And if you ask me, he is unworthy of being an American.

  • He can not control himself. He will be his own worst enemy.

  • He won't last. He's the most incompetent President of the United States and his actions, his policies, and his connection to the "people" are the reasons why he will be impeached. He is unworthy to be President, unworthy to be an American, and the real United States stands with Hillary Clinton.

    Posted by: jc1996
  • I want to say that he will last but it's been less than a year and he already been through almost entire administration and he is attacking the few people that stay. I wouldn't be surprised if the before the midterms that Republicans push him as a scape goat in a last ditch effort to keep their power. The we have to deal with a mike pence presidency.

  • Congress and the Senate keep blocking him, the Republicans might ditch him if this continues longer in favour of Mike Pence.

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DrCereal says2017-07-28T02:47:05.5569475Z
Way too early to determine this.
Mharman says2017-07-28T14:40:58.4130303Z
The real US stands with Hillary? Are you nuts?
ladiesman says2017-07-28T17:27:42.4631665Z
@Mharman "A liberal can sure dream"? There are some conservatives/Republicans who oppose Trump, too.
ZJM says2017-07-28T21:22:14.7951787Z
The next wave of young incoming voters may surprise some people. They could be the most conservative since WWII.
Mharman says2017-07-28T22:26:05.5130912Z
Yeah, but most of the calls for impeachment are from the left.

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