• Yes

  • No

44% 18 votes
56% 23 votes
  • He might not be the smoothest person to get into office, but as far as policy actions I'm more concerned about, he has gotten some really good results. A good replacement for Scalia in the court and a surging economy thanks in many ways to him has me satisfied for now. I couldn't care less about his social workings (though I like how Trump's tweet thoughts are unfiltered, meaning we know what he himself thinks).

  • The stock market is doing great many of the stupid restrictive regulations have been removed. The US has record low temps proving that Trump has solved global warming. He has lowered the amount of money the government extorts from the american people in taxes. What is not great?

  • Look at job numbers, the tax cut, companies building new plants, etc. Most people voted no because they are blind to the truth, and hitting them with a sledge hammer will not wake them up. They hate just to hate.

  • Never before in our history has America had a commander-in-chief who is such an egomaniac.

  • Ok, 1st of all this surging economy isn't all trump., it still under Obama policy. Trump's policy for the economy will not fully take place until a year in office. Please keep in mind, businesses were already hiring before trump take office. So please tell me how the economy is looking in a year from now. If it still good by then still it could be because he is helping. Another thing, if trump place sanctions on China, then we would have a trade war, would that be good for this country? Plus the fact he is leaning toward a 1st strike on North Korea, that would be very unwise and could lead toward a global war if he does.

    Posted by: Nd2400
  • He is the worst president ever TBH

  • How could anyone possibly think that america is "great" again? The country is more divided than ever. There has been a massive upsurge in american nationalism (not in the good way). Partisanship is non-existent. There has been no forward progress.

    Posted by: szexiv
  • Trump is not making America great again. It may have been his campaign slogan but his goals about bringing back jobs, improving the economy and building a wall are near impossible. Even if he could complete these goals it would come at a great cost for the American people.

  • One of the core American beliefs that has evolved is that we should be a morale leader in the world and use the power we have to set a good example. How can America be a good example if the President is frequently attacking everybody who was he is supposed to be working with? He is even attacking people he hired himself. His "well the started it" and cyber attacking is not the way to solve problems. He has gone back on promises the US has made to other countries and throws a temper tantrum whenever he can't get what he wants. Is this really who we want to represent America? His own party has no idea what he is doing or what he will do, he is a volatile wild card. Trump is not making America great again, he is ruining our international and local reputation that we have spent decades building up, much longer than any claims to small economic growth. How is the world supposed to trust America if we continue on this course of division and immaturity?

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Chatsa says2017-12-10T21:55:22.1385480Z
I am quite neutral about Trump. I think he has done some great things for America. And he is surely is a president that gets things done. But recently he has been doing extremely stupid shit.
ladiesman says2017-12-10T21:59:15.4996208Z
@Chatsa Trump has doing extremely stupid stuff for a long time.

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