Is Trump Racist?

Posted by: KadeDaBabe

Do you think Trump is secretly Racist because there is no evidence that he is, or do you think he is not racist?

  • Racist

  • Not Racist

53% 27 votes
47% 24 votes
  • He was literally sued for racism.

  • Yes because he got sued for being racist, calls african americans thugs, latinos criminals, and muslims terrorists. Aside of from that, him policies would only benefit white people.

  • No he is not. Liberals twist his words. Sure wish you had a question asking if Hillary is a liar and crook!


    Posted by: Doomie
  • It's kind of obvious. There was the whole refusing to rent to minorities thing, the stuff he says about hispanic immigrants, muslims. White supremacists love this guy.

  • All Conservatards are racist.

  • There really isn't any proof that he's racist and all that opinion is coming from the bias media and people who don't know what they are talking about.

  • How exactly is he racist?

  • Listen, I don't like many of his policies, but I am not offended by the wall idea at all, he just has some not-very-precedented ideas, not racist. I get pissed off when my fellow liberals say he's racist when he really fucking isn't.

  • The mainstream media will have you believing due to his actions towards Muslims and Mexicans he is a full blown racist but he isn't. He's said in the past his care for all communities and races in the country. The "Muslim ban" is just for ISIS and Obama created the ability to block people from entering the country. And his immigration policy isn't necessarily targeted at individual racists or groups. He's said in public outlets that he's not wanting Europeans or Chinese as well as any illegal immigrant, the only reason he focuses on Mexico is because it's the biggest issue of illegal aliens relative to our country. He's trying to point out the things presidents before were too much off pussies to point out.

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IKnowWhatToDoWithMyMoney says2016-10-06T20:22:10.8529004Z
He's not racist, but the way he says things are misinterpreted.

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