Is Vaping Really Healthier Than Regular Cigarettes?

Posted by: Joey888

  • Yes

  • No

20% 2 votes
80% 8 votes
  • Obviously. This is kind of a dumb vote. It's like saying "Is swimming in a pool of sharks safer than swimming in a pool of dolphins"

  • It's safer but still unhealthy but better than sigerets.

    Posted by: 124275
  • There have been studies that gaping is not healthy and that if you vale for about a year, some people start smoking real cigarettes.

  • Vaping is fairly new and we have limited knowledge on its long term affects, without this knowledge we cannot conclude that it is safer than cigs. Also in the case where somebody is using vape to get off a cigs addiction it is not any safer because you're getting hooked on something that could be equally as dangerous. In conclusion with the lack of knowledge on vaping and the studies that show vaping to be unhealthy, we cannot trust it to be "healthier than cigs".

  • Is blowing smoke out of your mouth more important than your health? Formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen found in cigarette smoke, also dwells in the vaporized liquid of popular electronic or e-cigarettes. An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine states that exposure to formaldehyde from e-cigarettes, based on similar chronic use as tobacco, could be five to 15 times higher than from smoking cigarettes.

  • No, it is not:

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Conservatism says2016-08-03T03:37:41.7492421Z
The argument is, is it healthier than cigarettes. You can vape without nicotine. It is water vapor. While there might be negative health risks it is clearly not as dangerous as the cancerous poisons in cigarettes. @joey888

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