Is vengeance justified from a moral standpoint?

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ladiesman says2017-10-28T22:44:17.6218320Z
@saltyunknownsuit Can you think of ethical philosophies that would say revenge is morally permissible? And which would say otherwise?
saltyunknownsuit says2017-10-29T10:27:52.2075765Z
@ladiesman Well, to determine if something is ethical or morally permissible depends deeply on how we value the intent of an action compared to the results it provides. This would mean that someone who values the ethics of virtue wouldn't deem revenge as morally right or justified. It is simply not something a virtuous person would do. However, a consequentialist might say otherwise. In these cases the weight lies more on the outcome than the actual intent. The ethics of consequence values justice quite high, to no surprise. When someone commits a crime, it must also have a consequence. For this reason, revenge can be considered justified since it may be the only way to retain justice, or it might be the most suitable action. Furthermore, the very reason we discuss ethical issues is because we think it is of help and importance in society, a guide of how to live of some sort. To punish someone by exposing them to the same actions they have committed might be a way to discourage others to act in the same way, thus benefiting the greater mass as well. Of course, this does not mean that the consequentialist always believes that revenge in it's core is ethical. Revenge is sought out for our own personal, and even selfish desires. But the fact remains that it can be morally permissible from a moral standpoint. There is an even broader view of this subject in the philosophy of karma, but it is not something I will dive further into at the moment.
Gareth_BM says2017-10-30T21:14:53.4198054Z
I'm not sure about moral but a little vengeance can be good for the health.
ladiesman says2017-10-31T15:18:19.6000321Z
@Gareth_BM How is a little vengeance good for your health?
ladiesman says2017-11-01T21:26:55.7003356Z
@saltyunknownsuit People who pursue revenge operate by a consequentialist ideology, if they adhered to virtue ethics they would not.
Users says2017-11-03T19:53:58.1416064Z
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Thinkandthink says2017-11-11T15:43:03.2796287Z
Not sure if it is 100% moral, but some people do deserve to be paid with the same coin.
Jama34 says2017-11-15T11:20:05.2268577Z
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Jama34 says2017-11-15T11:26:32.4837401Z
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Jama34 says2017-11-15T11:27:49.8446360Z
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Celklos says2017-11-19T08:26:44.5909571Z
Leaning says2017-11-28T06:40:58.1069180Z
@ladiesman. Individual? As in they came up with the idea themselves and decided this is good.
DawnBringerRiven says2017-11-28T15:21:50.9245628Z
Justification does not exist. Justification is simply an excuse
HushamFusion says2017-11-29T17:28:10.9880257Z
I believe that Vengeance is justified, but I believe that the punishment must be exactly the same sentence. E.G : A murderer should be murdered (in the EXACT same way, e.G if no torture involved or no additional pain then there should be no torture involved or no additional pain ,or if it was done quickly, it should be quickly etc) A thief should be robbed etc etc Keep in mind that by giving such punishments to people who have wronged you in such ways you are acting as a vigilante, and a Judge, Jury and Executioner, which means you're against the law. On the other hand, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind" - Mahatma Gandhi Vengeance is not always the right way. It is possible to repent from any bad thing and start doing good and even becoming a role model or public figure who is trying to stop evil from being done in this world. Vengeance should not generally be the case unless the person hasn't (before being sentenced) realised what they did wrong and didn't try to change.
HushamFusion says2018-06-27T21:38:20.3758079Z
Well, it depends on the circumstances. If someone has changed their ways, then I don't believe from a moral point of view you would still look for revenge, and also judge them in the same manner; however if the circumstances are different, and not much change happened, then it is most likely the proper thing to do.

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