• Vinyl

  • CD's

89% 17 votes
11% 2 votes
  • Records have a far richer sound and the less digital redefining the better. The sound, the collecting aspect, the extras that are included in some vinyls make it like Christmas, also the durability and the shopping experience. Vinyls provide another layer to the music experience, a physical layer that CD's really can't compete on.

  • Records are so much more authentic. To me with old records, I love the sound of it crackling. Records are unique and give you a different feeling when trying to find the song you want to play for ages rather than skipping tracks. They complete the music experience in ways that digital downloads or CD's can't.

  • Vinyl because vinyl records have a far more better sound then compact discs do and they do not easily get scratched like cds do and they are easiler to handle. and vinyl records are easiler to do a vinyl to cd or mp3 transfers then other mediums.

  • CD's are so much more convenient! CD players cost a lot less money than record players, and many more recent songs aren't on records.

    Posted by: adira
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PericIes says2016-03-08T05:57:31.0771787Z
Depends. Vinyl's sound is better, but C.D.'s are more compact, robust, and easily transportable. So yeah, if you're a music purist, go vinyl, and if you're less concerned about quality than ease of use, go C.D.'s or digital.

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