Is Vladimir Putin a dictator?

Posted by: biggest_pro_going

Please justify your answer.

  • He is a dictator.

  • He is not a dictator.

35% 8 votes
65% 15 votes
  • Given he has been in power for over 15 years and killed his opposition recently it would seem so.

  • He is absolutely a dictator in the practical sense, although he is not a dictator according to Russia's official political system. Many "dictators" in history have ruled countries with political systems that officially have a elected leader, however but reality the elections are totally rigged. Sadam Hussein, Fidel Castro, and many other dictators in the history and many current rulers were "elected" in totally rigged and phoney so-called "free" elections. I am pretty sure that Sudam Hussein won many consecutive free presidential elections over the decades that he was in power. Most dictators maintain the farce of holding so-called "free" elections, only to be re-elected over and over by 90 plus percent of the vote due to totally rigged fake elections that are far from free elections. Russia's elections since Putin seized power have been no different. Russia's so-called democracy with free elections is a total farce. Putin has been in total control of Russian since his first term. Officially Russia has a two consecutive term limit on the president, so after two terms as president of Russia, Putin stepped down to the role of Prime Minister which is a role that is appointed by the president. In reality, this was all for show. Putin stepped down to Prime Minister but maintained control over Russia. He has had complete control over Russia during his first two terms as president, during his term as prime minister, and now again during his 3rd term as president once again. Now he is claiming that he won't run for a fourth term as president. If he keeps that promise, it will also be a total farce. He will step down and he will hand pick the new president, although Russia will put on the show of holding free elections to select the next President. Then Putin will rule Russia from whatever role he assumes after he leaves office as the president. Even if he says that he is leaving government altogether, he will still be ruling Russia from behind the scenes thru a puppet President. It will all be widow dressing in order to make Russia's totalitarian dictatorship appear to be a democracy. Russia has a long history of having puppet leaders that are controlled from the shadows by the true ruler who has all of the power and control and rules Russia from the shadows. Putin has reverted Russia into a totalitarian dictatorship. Russia's so-called "free market economy" and "democracy" with free elections, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are now all just for show. Russia is moving towards being a totalitarian fascist state and many ways they are already there although they are attempting keep the allusion of being a free market democracy.

  • Dictators aren't always bad.

  • Dictators don't rule with over 60% of the residents voting for him.

  • Putin was democratically elected, his approval rating is pretty high among Russians and he doesn't have absolute power.

  • Putin is a popularly elected President. He doesn't have absolute power. He works within the confines of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and has powers limited by said Constitution. Therefore, he is not a dictator.

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chandlerrouse says2015-09-15T20:18:17.0698665Z
Yes how else would you describe his behavior and fist tightening on russia's free speech and free trade?
biggest_pro_going says2015-09-15T21:14:18.0703992Z
I am sure he has good reason for that. He still got voted in if the people don't like what he is doing why do they vote for him?
stargate says2015-09-15T23:19:50.1271685Z
He has invaded two different nations one being Georgia the other being Ukraine. He has killed political opponents, free speach is not allowed. Yeah aounds like a dictator acts like a dictator, is a dictator.
biggest_pro_going says2015-09-16T18:52:58.4566823Z
America has invaded Iraq dose not mean Obama is a dictator
biggest_pro_going says2015-09-16T18:54:34.4284975Z
Also Russia has not invaded Ukraine. Due to a 97% vote to join, Crimea joined Russia i wouldn't call that an invasion also there has been no evidence of Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine.
stargate says2015-09-16T20:20:57.6709524Z
In witch Russia held and counted the vote, also I call bull on that vote. Yeah but they steal there land. Also Georgia didn't do anything to them and also didn't brewck and international laws.
biggest_pro_going says2015-09-16T21:24:44.9771001Z
Georgia bombed its own people in south Ossetia because they wanted to join Russia. If North Mexico wanted to join the USA and Mexico bombed and attacked them the USA would probably nuke Mexico. If the vote was rigged why does no body in Crimea do anything and why do polls from the UK say that the people are happy? You cant just say the vote was rigged.
biggest_pro_going says2015-09-16T21:26:55.1000365Z
I could say the Scottish referendum was rigged because i wanted a yes vote, that would be stupid because i have no proof. That is like what you are doing Plus if a country invades another country doesn't make the invader a dictatorship.
stargate says2015-09-16T22:31:03.5553898Z
New Mexico is part of the USA.
stargate says2015-09-16T22:35:22.0958471Z
Well the South Ossetia has in a state in rebellion. Also the russians never showed the votes, on top of that 97-99% agree rate is highly unlikely. Plus they had troopc there, also if you say they where pro russians well of couse they would be. They had russian grade equipment they spoke russian and they appeared out of nowhere in areas near russia. Plus in eastern ukraine the russians are not there is bull. They have tanks and russian grade equipment they just happened to fine heavy equipment just in the middle of nowhere? The russians have been stealing land, and it will not stop. Would you like it if Iraq became the 51st state?

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