Is Year Round Schooling the best?

Posted by: school1123

Please Add Why!

  • Yes

  • NO

12% 2 votes
88% 14 votes
  • Well of course it would you might need a break but if it is too long you just get dumber

  • Psychologists could probably incorporate a much better schedule. Breaks are extremely important for bringing out individual creativity and problem solving. Repetition and work need to be spaced out in a more effective manner.

    Posted by: Letrus
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Johnny-Wilson123 says2015-01-27T10:15:06.9108518-06:00
Year round schooling is a brainwashing tool for the citizens of the usa to become liberal
bucksnatchamps15 says2015-01-27T11:07:39.3450269-06:00
What would we learn in the summer, anyway? O_O

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