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  • The Jews won Palestine fair and square during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. If the Arabs wanted it that bad they would have fought harder to keep it.

  • Palestine didn't even exist as a nation until they decided to have a Jihad against Israel.

  • Theocratic fascists vs a secular democracy. Your pick. What is often omitted from the conversation on this topic is that Palestine is directly ruled by the forces of theocracy and terror in Hamas that represents the greatest threat to free society, and whose manifesto calls not just for Palestinian autonomy, but for the destruction of the Jewish state, and the death of all its citizens. Hamas in control of any civilization is handing power to those who believe they are divinely warranted to slaughter and destroy as they choose. And they must not be supported.

  • israel got the right to establish a country from the U.N (and the palestines too), but the palestines fought israel, and israel won the war, and that's it. israel returned most of the occupied lands for peace, and it will do it now too if the palestines will understand that peace means no war, and no war at all.

  • GD bless Israel! פליסטנים לעזאזל!!

  • Oh, please, people! Have some sensibility. Israel is a moral secular democracy with a thriving economy and diverse culture. Palestine is basically run by a terrorist organization. I know you like to back the underdog, but if the underdogs are terrorists, that's no reason to support them.

    Posted by: Findi
  • Post WW2, we have seen hundreds of human right violations, mass murder, and use of chemical weapons from Israel directed tword Palestine simply because they know they can get away with it as a United States ally

  • Israel's imperial rape is disgusting and it is terrible that they can get away with it. Israel as well as the US military are as big of terrorists that Hamas is, its just that they have budgtes of $600billion rather than $25. #FreePalestine

  • Ok..Look. Arab did fight hard. the british army and english army vs arab. Hmm I wonder who would win. OH I KNOW THE STRONGEST ARMYS

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Juan_Pablo says2014-04-20T08:36:22.7109068-05:00
Both. Both people in each country need to learn to respect each other's dignity and rights. No more Israeli settlements in Palestinian land and no more acts of terrorism against the Israelis. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
ChrisF says2014-04-20T21:51:14.9342548-05:00
Why the hell can't they both just get along? At this point, it's basically just one retaliating against the other for retaliating against them.
Adaptable says2014-04-21T07:17:16.9761231-05:00
Well, we could talk about biblical events and how this would have to do with this, but according to some people, the Bible has no legitimacy to it once so ever.
L.D says2014-04-21T13:04:38.2438731-05:00
I can see from the comments for Israel, except Ameliamk, people have no clue of what they are talking about!
Dilara says2014-05-06T09:49:25.8486408-05:00
If anyone knows suffering it's the Palestinians. They've been illegally occupied for over 40 years, they've had the Israeli goverment demolish their homes and build illegal settlements in place or simply kick them out for cruel, religous extremist settlers to move in. They have to have cages around their houses so settlers won't attack them. Settlers beat them and throw eggs and stones down out them so in markets and so on they have to have cages above them. Settlers burn their olive trees and kill their sheep. They can't walk to school because of settlers who throw stones at them and need the military to escort them. They have had bombs dropped on them and been shot and gaza is the largest open air prison. They can't leave they can't have access to medical supplie and food and they are trapped. I feel so bad for them. I'm ashamed to be american because our goverment supports this. If we love freedom why do we support a goverment that illegally occupies an entire people and denies them freedom-the right to security from settler attacks and bombs and. The right to movement is denied because they can't leave gaza. I'd love to help them since they're the most mistreated people on earth.
ArizonaRedneck478 says2014-11-10T17:26:35.9653677-06:00
91kred says2016-06-07T19:23:55.0585201Z
You're both wrong! Both Israel and Palestine should exist as either separate nations and hopefully (but unlikely) merge as one people. Jews are the earliest Palestinian diaspora and Palestinians are partly Jewish in their ancestry. Both groups mixed with others; Diaspora Jews mixed with converts and Palestinians mixed with migrants that settled there.

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