Israel or palestine?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

Yes i know this has been done before but i wanted mine to be done and to get new members opinions

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58539672 says2015-10-27T18:32:00.1838760Z
@shalal12 Israel has been a recognized country and a full member of the UN since 1949. Palestine is a Non-member Observer State as of 2012. Your statement is simply factually wrong.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-27T19:39:50.9614984Z
@triangle.128k *triggered*
DeepInThought says2015-10-27T20:19:39.1345895Z
I believe that Israel should be recognized as a country, but their current government is that of bullies that use the excuse that the UN (mostly the old holders of the land the UK) gave them the land as a reason to be able to dominate over the people who already resided in the land.
dietorangesoda says2015-10-27T20:58:16.2418431Z
I used to side with israel but now i'm leaning more towards palestine i don't hate either one but israel's done a lot of bad things and those settlements have got to go
tajshar2k says2015-10-27T21:20:33.7959648Z
The question isn't asking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It's just asking what is better. Israel is better than Palestine in every factor.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-27T21:23:14.0589347Z
@tajshar2k OP's previous comment implies the poll is about the conflict.
dietorangesoda says2015-10-27T21:46:45.0893814Z
How is israel better? When they've taken away the Palestinians land sorry seems akin to how americans took the land from the indians i don't believe in all this chosen people nonsense not to mention the occupation the killing of innocent civilians and the illegal settlements which break international law just in more recent years
tajshar2k says2015-10-27T22:01:39.2361762Z
Ok, people need to understand the actual history behind the issue. It isn't simply Israel is taking away land. There is a lot of outside factors. I generally am neutral on the issue, because both sides have serious faults. Whether it be Israeli's taking away land, or Palestine launching rockets into civilian areas, it isn't just black or white. I personally believe in a 2 state solution, because the land belongs to both jews and muslims.
dietorangesoda says2015-10-28T09:56:59.9672868Z
I believe in the 2 state solution too i think it's the most viable at this point however i don't believe the jews should have taken the land in the 1st place it wasn't theirs but i'm realistic enough to know that there probably going to stay now that their there so i think they have to achieve peace
tajshar2k says2015-10-28T13:24:30.7517524Z
It was theres centuries ago.
dietorangesoda says2015-10-28T15:04:19.3221798Z
Who cares? We don't go back centuries with that logic because the native americans had this land centuries ago we should give it back now
shalal12 says2015-10-31T05:28:58.6973337Z
@58539672, UN?!! UN is just the poppet of west. NO more no less. Where is UN when USA and its allies carry out their barbaric actions by the help of media? They have entered Iran's army in the list of terrorist groups!! Why?=> Just Iran refused to join USA and its allies. Does Iran's army kill more than those dark Arabic kingdoms? Or does Iran invade countries more than USA and its allies?! Even jerks know that UN is bias toward Palestine, the problem is that you are prejudiced .Palestine IS a country. It's like the trick they used for Persian golf. West changed its name to Arabic golf to abuse it in the next decades and all the books and media tried to hide the truth but we didnt let them.
shalal12 says2015-10-31T05:40:41.9744580Z
@TheUnconquered, COME ON! I bet you yourself dont believe your own lies, let alone the people who are looking for the truth. YOU are the invaders and you should leave Muslims' land. Where is equal rights when you sell some women with a price tag on their hand? Your media doesn't cover that? Dont you ask yourself why you have problems with all your neighbors? Zionists kidnap Palestinian children and use their organs to heal their own children. Even in one case, they made a Palestinian girl blind for her beautiful blue eyes and they used some parts of her eyes to heal a Israeli boy.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-31T06:23:25.6567106Z
@tajshar2k Actually, Israel was not under Jewish rule since before the Roman Occupation. Meaning that it has not been their territory in over two millenia. Using that logic, that is like saying Macedonia should be annexed by Greece just because Macedon *used* to be a Greek kingdom. Extending that logic further, it's like saying Italy should have control over the Mediterranean because Rome *used* to rule the region.
58539672 says2015-10-31T15:28:42.6419224Z
@shalal12 The UN is a collective body of all formally recognized nations on the Planet. Iran, China, Russia, and every other adversary of the US are also members. So are every Middle eastern nation. The group is hardly a "puppet" of anything. But based on the number of resolutions that the UN has created in regards to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, you are correct in that the UN has been showing a little bias toward the issue. What you are wrong about is who they are biased against, with most of their resolutions being aimed AT Israel, not in their support. Also, Palestine is a Non-member Observer State as of 2012. Once a solution to the conflict is found, Palestine will most likely be given full members status. But until then, they are barely a state.

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