Israel should stop fight with Gaza. There are many innocent children there!

Posted by: shalal12

It has been many years that Gaza is surrounded by Israel army and people of Gaza have faced serious food and medical crisis!

  • Yes, there are many innocent children there who need food and medical aids!

  • No, fighting with Hamas is more important than children. Hamas hides behind children. Israel should expand!

27% 4 votes
73% 11 votes
  • The common good of the people involved is more important.

  • I think that yes there are children everywhere but, when child is put into harms way by the fault of mankind. That it is our job to help protect the innocence. Now I don't know exactly what is going on there, but I stand by the fact that children I being killed and hurt by something they had no part of.

  • i'm picking this one because of the way you've worded your options to manipulate a majority yes vote.

  • There are kids everywhere. But that dosn't mean we should let terrorism spread and do nothing to stop it. We have to make a stand and allow our allies to make a stand.

  • Biased poll

  • Let me just bring up the fact that Hamas attacked Israel first. You should be asking why is Hamas endangering their citizens lives and making them starve by CONSTANTLY picking a fight with Israel.

  • I picked this one out of spite because the poll is biased.

  • Don't you mean "Gaza should stop fighting with Israel".

    Posted by: JDuB
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stargate says2015-08-11T10:49:28.4163544Z
Bias poll
shalal12 says2015-08-11T11:13:56.7277638Z
@stargate, So Israel is allowed to act like terrorists to stop other terrorism? That's what you try to say!! I think your mind is more bias than my poll. You see the fact that innocent children die there from hunger and fighters' fire but you talk about terrorism to mislead people! If you were a Palestinian you would never say it. That's because you have your comfortable home!
shalal12 says2015-08-11T11:17:05.7697756Z
@Troy_the_Destroyer, What you pick doesn't change the facts! Humanity is more important than any thing you can imagine! Pick that one and be proud of your choice
Emilrose says2015-08-11T12:08:49.9708436Z
Ahem, Israel isn't fighting with Gaza. The last conflict between Israel and Hamas took place *over* a year ago. Additionally, Israel has actually allowed food and military aid into Gaza--so pretty much everything you've said is inaccurate.
shalal12 says2015-08-11T12:53:41.6137310Z
@Emilrose, Israel and Hamas are in fire cease not in peace and fire can start between two sides. In the other hand only limited food and medical aid went to Gaza. Gaza is still under sanctions and people can't find enough food and drugs!
Rami says2015-08-11T13:19:46.3333278Z
@Shalal, if someone was shooting at you. And using a child for a sheild, would you shoot back?
shalal12 says2015-08-11T13:30:36.5627293Z
@Rami, No I will not shoot until I make sure that I will not harm that innocent child. By the way, the case of Israel and Gaza it is not like what you depicted.
triangle.128k says2015-08-11T14:16:58.7141301Z
This guy again?
tajshar2k says2015-08-11T17:02:34.3866199Z
I wonder why Iran doesn't give anything to these people. Americans give more donations and aid through private foundations than Iran.
shalal12 says2015-08-11T17:14:30.1972084Z
@tajshar2k, You think that USA helps them more than Iran because USA has the power of media and news. My government devotes money for Palestinians and my people give them blood to cure them and we hold Quds day in our streets and millions of Iranians go in streets to support them! See,an Iranian cares about them at the moment however you don't!!!
triangle.128k says2015-08-11T17:27:37.8150572Z
Lol, he's going to refute all our arguments by saying that it's "media propaganda."
stargate says2015-08-11T20:16:39.5024676Z
Oh come on, people would die either way. You are just trying to make us feel bad about it. So we mo longer like Israel. Gaza is part of Israel, they could have come in and just say f you and just bomb them all out. People would have died in both scenarios. The only deference being more israel forces dieing if they did what you want. The action they took was necessary. It made it so less people died, also it was a terror cell they where faceing of against. They where hinding and useing the people they are " protecting and useing them as shields against there forces". I am not saying it is moraly right, but it was needed.
stargate says2015-08-11T20:18:08.1734360Z
Okay but Iran has some of yhe worst human rights. There lack the freedoms of the USA and it's allies. Iran is worst then Israel and the USA.
58539672 says2015-08-11T21:07:05.7558205Z
The largest provider of humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip comes from the US. The largest suppliers of weapons comes from Iran. That distinction speaks volumes of what each nation finds most important.
triangle.128k says2015-08-11T21:07:44.8340710Z
@5853972 That's just american propaganda! You're brainwashed by the media!
58539672 says2015-08-11T21:30:57.4237978Z
Actually the Humanitarian aid part comes from the records that the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs keeps. Unless people are going to start accusing the WORLD of being western propaganda machine, Im still right.
triangle.128k says2015-08-12T18:53:26.3560886Z
@58539672 That's just american propaganda, they probably faked the UN site!
stargate says2015-08-12T20:19:35.0280209Z
Lol, we do not own the UN or its sites. Just trust us.
Troy_the_Destroyer says2015-08-17T03:26:56.5716951Z
@shalal, Israel are responding to attacks from hostiles. If a hostile thinks it can attack you with no repercussions then those attacks will become emboldened and worsen. Israel may have established itself upon inhumane pretenses such as occupying native land but it has established itself as the only secular, democratic populace in the region. Places like Iran are a disgrace to humanity. You think Iranian news is unbiased?! Ahahaha! Iranians are the most brainwashed people in the middle East along with all the other theistic governments there. If I had to pick a nation to live among it would definitely be the Israelies. You should really sort out your piece of shit Iranian homeland before you criticize other nations
shalal12 says2015-08-18T06:07:18.6688262Z
@Troy_the_Destroyer I wish you were not such an impolite person so that we could talk with logic!!!
Troy_the_Destroyer says2015-08-18T11:16:14.9845493Z
@shalal12, sorry about my language. I get carried away sometimes when I think about how ignorant some societies can be. "Treat everyone fairly" is such an easy philosophy to adhere to which results in the prosperity of everyone yet so many cultures blatantly disregard it. I cannot understand how a society can openly subjegate women to lower standards than men and execute people for their sexual orientation or beliefs

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