• Justified

  • Useless (bad)

79% 15 votes
21% 4 votes
  • Well it has reduced the number of terror attacks by a large margin, so its not useless. From a pure statistical stand point it has been a justified project that has more than paid back its building costs. If your talking about morally justified, then its complicated.

  • Most people have no clue what Israel have done..... And that is nothing! They have committed no war crimes, but on the other hand Hamas has many, many times. But what has the EU, US (Obama) Red Cross and so many others plastered all over the news..... That Israel is so bad and how they have killed so many people, which they have killed terrorists and like all other wars, innocent people have been harmed, but they have only been firing into churches houses, etc. with Hamas military in it. Which by the way Hamas has been firing from residential areas (which is a war crime!) Israel has been fighting for there lives and has been completely justified in most if not all there military actions.

    Posted by: BIGC
  • with surrounding nations attacking Israel on any given day, Israel should be allowed to protect themselves with this and with military action.

  • Very much justified. The Palestinians are trying to KILL THEM. A wall provides some means of defense and regulation.

  • It is justified to keep out terrorists and unwanted immigrants. That said, Israel shouldn't even exist. They stole the land from the Palestinians. From an Israeli standpoint, it makes sense. From the standpoint of someone who wants to preserve peoples' homelands, the Palestinians are in the right in this fight.

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